Secretary’s Scribbles: Season Review

As the season draws to a close surely we must be satisfied with what has been achieved?

As the season draws to a close surely we must be satisfied with what has been achieved?

A solid steady first part of the season saw us with a healthy accumulation of points before Christmas, we went through the odd sticky patch but still secured sufficient points towards the end of the season that meant we never really got drawn into the scrap at the bottom. Let’s just reflect briefly how different it might have been had Carlton and Vaz not scored for us back at Wembley in May, friends this has been a good season!

Big Sam got us promoted in his first season and has consolidated our position in the Premier League in our first season back so why not reward him with a further contract. Contrary to the popular media opinion about Sam’s teams style of football, we have played some good football and scored some great goals. It is very important that we see our club remain firmly established in the premier league over the next two seasons as we look forward to the historic move to the Olympic Stadium.

Whilst the move from Upton Park brings a mixture of emotions, we will be witnessing a truly defining period of West Ham United’s history which should in time deliver the opportunity to see our club evolve as a real force in English football with the real prospect of winning silverware and success which our supporters crave for and is long long overdue. Last weekend I witnessed Wigan Athletic win the FA Cup against last season’s Premier League Champions and as much as I dislike ‘old man Whelan’, since his sour grapes over our great escape some years ago, I do confess a grudging respect that a club like Wigan can pull that off and we can’t.

I will, however, have no tears when Wigan and their half empty stadium of fans start next season in the Championship. As for the King’s Lynn Irons Club, we have had another fantastic season with fully paid up members topping the 100 mark. We know that there are still many more in the area who we would like to reach out to. The biggest benefit of joining our club is making your match day experience more affordable with our match ticket prices and big savings on rail travel to matches.

We are holding our End of Season Dinner on Friday, June 7, at Arbuckles in Downham Market with 55 places reserved so far but bookings are still being taken. With the deadline for season ticket renewals being brought forward a month we are already busy planning the clubs allocation for next season and we would welcome any new members.

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