Why aren’t West Ham signing stars hidden in the dark?

We need to be looking at players like Spurs' Giovanni Dos Santos to take us to the next level

I always wonder the same thing at West Ham; why do we always seem to sign players that are too old or no-one’s ever heard of or just to make up a position. Sometimes, however, this is a good thing as we have had good signings down the years such as Carlos Tevez, who is now one of the Premier League’s top strikers. We also signed Javier Mascherano who is now at Barcelona. We also signed Demba Ba who was big hit in West Ham colours but once again another player to get pulled away from us.

What I want to know is why don’t we sign players who are obviously talented but are unrecognised by the footballing world because they are hidden within the bigger clubs? I think it is these players who don’t get the chance to shine on the pitch who could hold the key to bring West Ham success and take them up another level.

If West Ham were to sign these players we could have more of a chance of playing attractive football again, meaning the club and the fans can start making higher expectations for West Ham than just simply to stay up. We need to give these players the games they need.

I think one of these players is Giovanni Dos Santos who has been in the dark for five years at Tottenham Hotspur and is someone West Ham should sign. He was tipped to be the next Ronaldinho because he was so talented in Spain where he started his professional career. But since moving to Tottenham Hotspur in 2008 he hasn’t really been given a chance and when he seems to play he looks incredibly talented and has a good game but the fans seem to disagree with this.

But how can they say this as he has only made 15 Premier League appearances for the club in five years at being at the club? This is just ridiculous for a player of this quality and skill. He deserves to be starting games and he should not be treated like this. When he was playing for Barcelona he made 60 appearances in just two years but at Tottenham he hasn’t even been given half that in the league.

He was so talented in Spain and was looking to be a good prospect for the future but now it could be too late as Tottenham are ruining his amazing talent. He has also scored some amazing goals while being at Tottenham. I find it very strange that a player of this standard hasn’t been picked to start more games after his performances because I think he is very talented and has showed this through his performances. This is why we have to sign him.

He is a tremendous talent and he will want to revive his career and maybe want to get revenge against the club that ruined him and treated him unfairly. He will also want to get goals and show the world he is a class player.

It just doesn’t add up why a player of this standard has never been given a chance. He has been sent on loan to a lot of clubs including Ipswich Town where he made eight appearances and scored in four.

West Ham United should be a club which takes advantage of these situations and give stars like Dos Santo who have been hidden in the dark for so long a chance to shine. We would give him the games he deserves and I am more than certain he will put that spark back into the West Ham midfield and attack.

He has the potential to become a top player and he could be available for less than £7 million which would be a bargain because he has experience in international football and the Champions League and would be a top player for us if he were to join.

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