Half Season Review

To be on 23 points before the Everton game is incredible in my opinion.

To be on 23 points before the Everton game is incredible in my opinion.

We were one of the favourites to go down this season and a lot of people would love to see us fall again wouldn’t they? What impresses me most about this season — so far — is the attitude of the players! For a long time we were everyone’s home banker. Even the relegation-threatened teams would already pencil in three points for ‘West Ham at home.’

We were a soft touch and as flimsy as a piece of paper. Spineless in defence and not much better in attack. Apart from Julian Dicks and Slaven Bilic we never had any heart in our defence. Defenders from the hard school of knocks who’d put their bodies on the line along with their head.

Did we really ever play any better football than we are currently playing? Who cares if it’s short intricate passing or long ball, medium ball, diagonal cross field passing?

Where has pretty football got Arsenal? Nowhere! Hence, why they desire Diame so much. Big Sam has brought a wealth of experience to the club and deserves success. Everything successful in life is built on a solid foundation. If West Ham were a house back in the 90’s they would’ve had a lovely roof with elegant tiles, average windows and a dodgy front door.

Unfortunately there would’ve been no structure to hold it in place and as we saw on numerous occasions, one gust of wind and the house fell down. Our club were the epitome of capitulation and nobody knew that more than our very own loyal travelling fans.

Travelling the length of the country to watch drab performances in all weathers, knowing full well they’d be travelling back home empty every other week. The Championship is a snake pit and I had no confidence of getting back up at all. The longer you stay there the worse it becomes. Sacking Avram Grant was six months too late in my opinion but we are a stronger force now than we have ever been I think.

We are no longer everyone’s banker. Sam has instilled structure, bravery, heart, belief, confidence and backed up his beloved statistics with points, both home and away. Andy Carroll’s arrival has done more for the rest of the team than him personally. I have to say that 100K a week for an injury prone player is not great.

His introduction seems to have fired up Carlton Cole. I have been his worst critic for some time but his last few performances have been better. Maybe he wants to prove a point and maybe we now have two big strikers instead of one. A rejuvenated Cole with confidence and consistency could be crucial for us. I don’t think Andy Carroll is a long term Hammer. A good player but I wouldn’t break the bank for him.

In the past we have broken our wage structure for players and I don’t believe Carroll is worth £17m and £5m in wages per year. The owners are doing a great job in financially restructuring the club and a permanent move for Andy could backfire drastically. Maybe Brendan Rogers was aware of the injury prone striker’s problems?

Diame looks brilliant but seems to only turn it on when the Sky cameras are present. Is he using us as a stepping stone? In January I believe we need a proven goal poacher. A little Tony cottee type scorer who can finish off some great moves we put together. We are creating lots of chances and we really need to put them away. That’s the main priority but we also need cover in midfield and defence.

One thing I feel confident about is Big Sam will know where his weaknesses are and will address them. He will bring in experience and strength. He is the best manager we’ve had since I’ve been alive and we simply need six more wins to stay up. I will be very happy if this happens. I am pleased at what the owners are achieving at Upton Park. They are turning the club around and things are on the up. I still think we will finish 14th and stay up. Then we can continue to rebuild what was once a joke of a club on and off the field.

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