Tim Holland speaks to lifelong QPR fan Chris Moon about buying more goalkeepers, Allardyce sweating and Andy Carroll’s lack of goals

How would you assess QPR's season thus far?

How would you assess QPR’s season thus far?

At best it’s been disappointing; at worst it’s been the worst season I have witnessed. The attitude of the players towards the end of Hughes reign was shameful. The records we keep breaking for not winning are now in the history books and our transfer policy has made us look like a bit of a joke. I took two friends to see Rangers for the first time against Southampton expecting an exciting match. And it was like introducing my friends to my girlfriend for the first time and overnight she had turned into the laziest, ugliest girlfriend ever.

Do you think the club will stave off relegation?

Yes, I really do. I am not being a delusional fan but I really think it is not as bad as it looks. If you don’t win for 10 matches in March you are in trouble, if it happens in September you can catch up. Reading have nothing really, Villa are in free fall, Southampton will never be able to pull away, who knows how Newcastle will go and someone always drops after Christmas. There are plenty of teams playing poorly too.

Mark Hughes made a number of signings in the summer. How do you rate these acquisitions?

Badly! I’m not going to even talk about Boswinga. Granero started brilliantly and has faded in line with our league position. Hoilett hasn’t turned up yet, Park has been disappointing and Diakite let us down massively at Arsenal. It has been a really poor showing overall. Nelson has been brilliant though and I like Caesar too but they have been the only two really. But it’s not the individuals really; it’s the transfer policy that has let us down, or the lack of one. If you look at how Stoke have done it, and Swansea, buy two or three really good players a year and slowly improve. That is how we should have done it.

Harry Redknapp replaced Mark Hughes. Did you expect more from the former West Ham manager?

This is a tricky one to answer really. I think it would be unfair to expect too much from him, it’s not his squad and it’s not a good squad. But at the same time, we did have some games against lower positioned clubs which I would have liked to seen us do better against. I think it is about expectation management. I never saw Harry as this management messiah which some do, so I wasn’t expecting him to do much. But he gave us the away win at Chelsea, so long live Harry. Plus I do enjoy watching him hanging out of car windows giving interviews.

Which areas do you think you will strengthen in the transfer market this month?

I think it is out of our hands at to a degree, who wants to sign for the bottom team? We need a striker, we have no one apart from Taarabt who can create chances and our defence is creaky. So that would be all positions. And it would be amusing to sign an ex international goalkeeper in their 30’s just to see Robert Green’s face. Hell, sign two of them – you can never have enough goalkeepers!

What’s been your opinion of West Ham this season?

I have been disappointed Big Sam hasn’t sweated through his suit jacket like he did at Blackburn. I’ve never seen that before and I would like to see it again. Realistically you can’t ask for anything more can you? You’re mid table, Joe Cole is back and Andy Carroll is scoring so few goals that his price is plummeting so you might be able to afford him at the end of the season. I think for the first season back you have done well. I would take your position in a second.

Which West Ham players would you have in your squad?

Jaaskelainen and Spiegel – we need goalkeepers!

What’s your prediction for both clubs this season?

I think Rangers will finish fourth from the bottom, and I think you have reached your peak. You won’t get pulled into a relegation fight but I think you may drop to 14thor15th which is fine for a first season. Happy for us to both stay up.

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