Di Canio: Can he though?

After Paolo Di Canio's recent declaration that he ‘is ready' to manage at Championship or Premiership level, I cannot help but wonder who will take the chance on him.

After Paolo Di Canio’s recent declaration that he ‘is ready’ to manage at Championship or Premiership level, I cannot help but wonder who will take the chance on him.

Would we at West Ham welcome him into our family once again? As a player he was loved by most but how difficult would it be for him to win us over as a manager? Would his passionate outbursts inspire our players or frustrate our fans? Just look at Kenny Dalglish, or ‘King Kenny’ as he is affectionately known at Liverpool. On his return to managing the ‘Pool so many fans were convinced he would save the club and transform them back to winning ways.

But a little after a year the axe was swinging again and, despite his reluctance, the King was forced to leave the building, I mean Anfield! I am not sure I would want to see my hero fall in such a publicised way. And let’s face it; the media would have a frenzy with the controversial Italian. In a world where longevity is rare, football management is a risky business and can quickly see heroes turn into villains.

While Di Canio is all too familiar with being the pantomime villain — cast your minds back to THAT incident with THAT referee — could he cope with the pressure at West Ham? Yes our board of owners like to back their manager’s in a show of solidarity, but I wonder how long Gold and Sullivan could put up with his public outbursts or how Karren Brady would deal with his no-nonsense attitude.

From my own personal opinion I hope West Ham stick with Big Sam for the time being. Although boring at times, Allardyce is reliable and is on track to achieving his goals; promotion followed by securing safety in the Premier League.

That is not to say that I would not like to see Di Canio managing a Premiership team because I think he would be entertaining at least, but I would like to see him establish himself at a higher level first. While I don’t want him right now, I can see Di Canio managing us in the future. Perhaps it’ll be when we are in the Olympic Stadium and becoming “the next Manchester City”… According to Geoff Hurst of course.

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