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West Ham Ladies finished their season last weekend with a defeat away at league champions Reading.

West Ham Ladies finished their season last weekend with a defeat away at league champions Reading.

Shortly after the game, Blowing Bubbles caught up with Toni Anne Wayne, Hannah Gowland, Zoe LipleyHinton, Stacey Little, Becky Merritt, Lindsey Morgan and captain Rosey Sullivan to give their votes in six categories. At the bottom of each category, we have also decided who we think should win.

Goal of the Season

TAW: Hannah Gowland’s goal against Leeds in the FA Cup. It was a game of limited chances and she took it well.

HG: For me it has to be the second goal we scored against Gillingham away. I scored it which I am proud about but that’s not why. It was such a great team goal. It all started from the goalkeeper, worked its way through all positions, before it was given to me to score.

ZLH: Becky Merritt’s goal against Brighton because it was just a lovely clean hit.

SL: Kelley Blanchflower’s goal against QPR.This goal sticks in my mind for the way Kell picked the ball up and ran through the QPR defence before sliding the ball underneath the keeper. Unfortunately, Kell also went on to break her collarbone in this game.

BM: Lindsey Morgan’s goal against Gillingham. We were 2-1 down with minutes to play and Lindsey smashed a half volley to earn us a point.

LM: Becky Merritt’s goal away at Brighton. Even though we lost the game it was an unbelievable strike from outside the box.

RS: Katie Bottom’s goal against Reading last weekend.

Our Winner: Becky Merritt’s goal away at Brighton

Best Team Performance

TAW: Spurs away where we won 1-0. We played well as a team, everyone from front to back contributed to the win.

HG: Our FA Cup game against Leeds was our best team performance. We were 3-0 down at half time and after a decent talk in the changing room, we came out in the second half such a better team. We got two goals back and was unlucky not to get a third in the last few minutes. Our fighting spirit to get back at them, determination and team effort was great. We couldn’t have worked harder. If only we were like that first half.

ZLH: Tottenham away. We just played really well as a team and played some great football.

SL: Our home match against Brighton which we won 2-0. We always seem to struggle against Brighton and we never play well in both halves against anyone. So to beat Brighton (who had a very strong team this year) 2-0 and play well in both the first and second half was very pleasing for both players and management.

BM: Our best team performance was when we beat Brighton at home 2-0. We were hungry for the win from the first whistle, everyone put their bodies on the line to prevent and score goals.

LM: For me it has to be Brighton at home. I scored the goal after 10 mins and it was just a brilliant team performance.

RS: For me, it has to be our 3-0 win over Tottenham.

Our Winner: Team performance against Brighton at home.

Best Individual Performance

TAW: Becky Merritt against Brighton at home. High work rate, first touch was brilliant and she scored a screamer.

ZLH: Toni Anne Wayne against Millwall. She pulled off some amazing saves to keep us in that game.

SL: Hannah Gowland vs Witham. Although Witham are ranked below us, nothing should be taken away from Hannah for scoring a hatrick in six minutes in this game. Hannah had only just joined West Ham Ladies so she had done well to fit in to the team and made her mark early on. She was a massive miss for us the rest of the season after she broke her ankle.

BM: Toni Anne Wayne against Millwall. She pulled off some incredible saves to help us gain a well-earned point from the league leaders at the time.

LM: Vicki King. She stepped up this season from the reserves and she made the right back position her own and away at Tottenham this year she was brilliant. She has improved her game and become a regular first team player.

RS: Stacey Little on so many occassions. She works so hard on the pitch and covers so much ground.

Our Winner: Toni Anne Wayne’s performance away at Millwall.

Best Goal Celebration

TAW: The team celebration after April Bowers’ goal against Spurs away.

HG: The best goal celebration for me would be the second goal against Gillingham. After such a great team goal and great team effort, we all celebrated and come together to cheer and congratulate each other. It was nice.

ZLH: The celebration after April Bowers’ goal against Spurs. Before the game we said if we scored we would do the train out of bend it like Beckham.

SL: Tottenham away, April Bowers’ goal. We had actually been discussing this before the game if we scored what our celebration would be.

BM: The team celebration after April Bowers’ goal against Spurs away.

LM: The team celebration after April Bowers’ goal against Spurs away.

RS: The best goal celebration was against Tottenham. The girls walked on their hands and knees in a row holding onto each others ankles. It was also a great result against Tottenham.

Our Winner: The team celebration after April Bowers’ goal against Spurs away.

Funniest in Dressing Room

TAW: April Bowers because she says the most stupid things.

HG: The funniest in the dressing room is difficult because we all crack jokes but if I had to pick someone it would be April Bowers. She is very random, always comes out with weird sayings, sings and loves a boogie. Plus she brings sweets before a game and calls them “badman” sweets.

ZLH: Stacey Little. She just comes out with the best little comments.

SL: April Bowers. I’d have to say April due to the fact that we’ll all be sitting there, music playing and she will burst into song or impress us with her dance moves all of a sudden.

BM: April Bowers because she pretty much reinvents the English language with her gangster spin!

LM: Danica Revell. She is funny without even knowing it. She can be so blonde.

RS: Funniest in the changing room is Stacey Little. She is always coming out with funny comments or jokes that have the whole team laughing. Very comical girl.

Our Winner: April Bowers

Team Diva

TAW: Stacey Little because if there is anything to moan about she will find it.

HG: The team diva is Rosey. She is always worrying about her hair and makeup. Both have to be perfect and she never likes it going wrong especially when it rains. She loves the fake tan too

ZLH: Kelley Blanchflower

SL: Rosey Sullivan. That’s easy and I’m sure she will be everyone else’s choice too. The moisturising to make sure the tan doesn’t peel, the panic when it starts raining that her hair is going to go knotty and mascara will run. Wouldn’t change our Rose though.

BM: Rosey Sullivan or Kelley Blanchflower. Pure TOWIE. You should see them if there is a photo and they were not given sufficient time to prepare

LM: Kelley Blanchflower

RS: I am the biggest diva (or so I have been told plenty of times) but if I’m not voting for myself it would be Kelley Blanchflower. She’s kind of similar to me with having our hair perfect, making sure we are pretty and smelling good before the game. She can also get the hump if things aren’t going positively but guess that’s the whole team. We still love her.

Our Winner: Rosey Sullivan

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