Big Sam’s Claret and Blue Army

We have many favourite crowd chants at Upton Park with “Bubbles” of course being our favourite and most famous.

We have many favourite crowd chants at Upton Park with “Bubbles” of course being our favourite and most famous.

We have funny ones, cruel ones, player specific ones and even ones to declare our love for all West Ham. So, what are we missing? A chant for our manager. Last week I sent out a tweet that gained mixed reaction. The tweet in question read: “Man Utd had the same manager for 20 years yet still sing Moyes’ name before he’s done anything. Shouldn’t we sing Allardyce’s name by now?” I had a few retweets, and few favourites and a few negative return tweets.

First game of the season, David Moyes has proved nothing (no, Community Shield doesn’t count). He’s made no transfers and managed no Premier League games, but fans who have worshipped the best manager in the world for the last 20 years have still moved on.

It doesn’t matter who their manager is, the important thing is that he’s their manager, and they need to be on his side for success. I’m really not sure why we’re not singing Allardyce’s name week in week out. How many other teams are there that don’t even mention their manager’s name in a chant? If there are some, we as fans probably hate them and call them miserable (or words to that effect).

In two seasons, Big Sam has won us promotion and got us to the top half of the Premier League, that’s worth singing about, right? The last time we really got behind a manager, we were singing “Alan Pardew’s claret and blue army” and should Pards return, we’d probably put on our rose tinted specs and sing it again.

I can understand why we never really got to grips with chanting Avram Grant or Gianfranco Zola’s names, because they didn’t really make any impact and only had their foot in the door before they were turfed out again. But Allardyce has earned the right to hear his name ringing round Upton Park. There’s only a few more years left there, it’d be a shame to not be proud of everything we have inside those stands and to let every set of away fans know about it.

I’m not for a second suggesting that everyone should love Allardyce like no other manager and claim that he is the be all and end all, I know that’s never going to happen. I just think that he deserves some respect and love. Some might think that “We play on the floor” counts as a manager chant – it doesn’t. That just satisfies the armchair managers amongst us. As for the argument that our manager has an unfortunate name that won’t fit easily into a tune, I beg to differ. Unlike Alan Curbishley, there are options for our man in charge now

There’s “Allardyce’s claret and blue army”, “We are Big Sam’s claret and blue army”, or even play-off final favourite “Allar-Allar-Allardyce”. Maybe poor Sam suffers from the fan consensus that no one is good enough for this club if his name isn’t Paolo Di Canio. One day in the future, it will be great to be able to sing that from the stands in the knowledge that he is in charge, but the reality is he’s not our manager, neither is he ready to be our manager.

We can’t keep sulking by withholding our tuneful praise for a man who is really enjoying his managerial career with the Hammers. This isn’t the first appeal of this nature by a Blowing Bubbles writer. You may recall an article last year that asked that fans sing for our manager.

Next season, there will be another article asking for the same unless we all just join together to sing for Sam. In fact, that’s the hashtag – #singforsam. Make today the day. Let’s let the Stoke fans know who’s the boss, and more importantly who’s the West Ham boss.

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