Wonderful Winston, get well soon

It was with a heavy heart that I read the news of your ankle injury that is likely to keep you out until the New Year

It was with a heavy heart that I read the news of your ankle injury that is likely to keep you out until the New Year

You are my favourite current Hammer because you’re the rock of the back four with your timely tackles and composed clearances. Winston, you have provided us with so many highlights over the past few seasons which obviously include scoring in London derbies against Millwall and Spurs. You are earning a place in a lot of fans’ hearts and if you stay with the claret and blue, you’ll be a cult hero too.

We got off to a rocky start, there’s no denying that, though it would’ve been hard for anyone to shine under Grim Uncle Avram. We were promised a ‘World Cup star’ by the club and there you appeared. It was an unfair billing for a young player moving to one of the top leagues in the world and no doubt piled on more pressure, but boy are you changing our minds our current Hammer of the Year. A stalwart this season and last it fills the stands with confidence seeing your name on the team sheet.

Looking at the games you’ll sit out it would certainly make me feel better to see you taking to the pitch against the likes of Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester United amongst others.

Just eight games shy of 100 games in claret and blue, Winston, it is a shame to lose a player of your calibre to injury. When it comes to injuries to our best players it is something us fans have had to get used to — send a get well message to Big Andy Carroll as well because I would love to have you both back on the pitch as soon as you’re ready.

Since the season you proved your worth as we searched for promotion from the Championship, it has been a debate amongst Hammers of who should partner you in central defence. With your commanding displays and powerfulheaded clearances it is no wonder that you are one of the first names on Big Sam’s team sheet as I am sure you would be on everyone in the crowd’s starting XI.

It may be slightly premature but you are captain material, in the current squad I see only you and Mark Noble as future captains, the both of you stand out as players prepared to clip a teammate round the ear or offer some advice, whilst solidly organising and giving the referee an earful.

So come back as soon as possible, put your feet up and have a brew, but don’t try and make it yourself because you’re at West Ham and we can’t afford your dropping the kettle and injuring yourself further Winston. From everyone with an affinity to our beloved West Ham United we wish you a speedy recovery and for you to come back with every bit of passion and drive that we know you’ve got.

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