Tim Holland speaks to Thomas Heaton, Old Trafford season ticket holder, about Fergie as Director of Football, the Rooney pantomime, the Fellaini transfer smelling of desperation and Andy Carroll’s injury

How do you assess Man United's the season so far?

How do you assess Man United’s the season so far?

After so long of Fergie’s reign it’s difficult to get used the lack of consistency this season. September was a particularly bad month with losses to Liverpool and the other Manchester team. After that I thought we improved a bit but then a couple of draws and loss to Everton has brought us down to earth a bit. Fortunately our European form has been good and we should finish top of our group.

Alex Ferguson retired at the end of last season with David Moyes coming in. How difficult a transition has that been?

For any team, getting a new manager is difficult but getting a new manager after nearly 27 years is a completely different matter. It’s been difficult for Moyes and personally I would’ve liked to get someone else in the role but he was chosen and we have to stick by him. I would’ve liked Fergie in the Director of Football role for a while to assist with the transition but I can understand that might have undermined Moyes somewhat.

How long do you think Wayne Rooney will be at the club?

There was a point during the summer when I wanted Rooney to leave. The pantomime was too much for me. I thought if he doesn’t want to be here then he should leave because we can replace him. We’ve seen it before with Beckham etc so it wouldn’t be any different, especially after his performances last season. Saying that, I am pleased he stayed and it does look he still has something to offer the team.

The summer signing of Fellaini was questioned by some fans. Do you think he fits the Man United mould?

I’ve never been keen on Fellaini, he’s always just seemed a big lump for me. He looked good in an average Everton team built around him but a Man United signing he isn’t. He hasn’t been starting for us and probably for good reason. Unfortunately I think Moyes panicked in the transfer window and the Fellaini transfer smelled like an act of desperation for me.

Do you think the club can keep hold of Javier Hernandez given his lack of playing time?

I am worried about Hernandez because the lad scores goals and we need that. I like Welbeck but in fairness to him he doesn’t score that many goals. Hernandez has done well in the cup competitions so should probably have more of a run in the league otherwise I think he may move.

Ryan Giggs has announced that he would like to play for a few more years. What’s your view on this?

I think until his legs give up, then why not? He’s still playing some great football and has such a good football brain, he can still help the team even just off the bench.

What’s your opinion of West Ham this season?

You’ve been very poor especially when compared to last season. I know a lot of people have pointed to Andy Carroll being injured but I thought he was injured a lot last season as well.

Who should West Ham fans be wary of in the Man U first XI?

Van Persie and Rooney are for me are the best strikers in the league and it doesn’t matter of the opposition they score goals. Hopefully Kagawa can start performing as well.

Which West Ham players would you have in your squad?

Based on this season’s performances, not many. Reid would make good cover for our CBs and Diame is a good box to box midfielder.

What’s your prediction for the match and for both clubs this season?

I’ll go for 4-0 to us and Manchester United to be Champions, West Ham to finish 18th.

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