Boxing Day Football

It's Boxing Day again, this year we host Arsenal

It’s Boxing Day again, this year we host Arsenal, We don’t ask for much, just maybe a parcel, A package worth three points would go down a treat, And to start the New Year off the edge of our seats.

We’ve had Christmas dinner, today is dessert, But who will be leaving with more pain and hurt?

“Probably us fans”, I hear you all cry, As we look at the table and just wonder why. As we file down Green Street, full of Christmas cheer, We can’t help but ponder at this time of year, How big fixtures like this can come so fast, And hope we can find the magic of Christmas past.

With players fatigued and strikers lacking, Do we really think we can send Arsenal packing?

No Carroll or Nolan, or Downing or Reid, It seems a big ask for the three points we need. I hope when you pulled that big Christmas cracker, You wished for a win so our dreams won’t shatter, Today we will hope that some Christmas cheer, Can be brought to the Boleyn to round off the year.

Sing loud and proud and bring festive spirit, Hope players react and go on to win it, Anything can happen, what will be will be, Come on you Irons, just please mark Ramsey!

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