Tim Holland speaks to Trevor Wright about having Joe Kinnear mispronouncing players’ names

Tim Holland speaks to Trevor Wright about having Joe Kinnear mispronouncing players' names, signing all the French players and Andy Carroll's dodgy beard

How do you assess Newcastle’s season so far?

After the loss to Man City on the opening day of the season and the drab draw against you in our second match of the season, I thought we were going to be in for another season like the last but fortunately that hasn’t been the case. Tactically I think Pardew has improved a lot from last season and quite rightly earned his manager of the month award earlier this season.

After last season what do you think has gone right this season?

We’ve got more of a settled team and I think that shows on match days. After the mass comings and goings of last season it was always going to be difficult to get consistency due to the lack of continuity we had especially with the sale of Ba. Fortunately Remy has come in and scored goals and so has Gouffran. Tim Krul has had a better season as well.

Joe Kinnear came back to St James in the summer as Director of Football. Was he well received and how has he done?

Most fans were confused and not just because of Joe’s rambling nonsense but because we weren’t sure where he would fit in and why he was appointed. I’m still not sure what he’s been up to apart from mispronouncing people’s names but we’re doing well so why rock the boat?

Newcastle went all French in January last year with their signings but apart from the loan of Loic Remy he only made one signing (who was incidentally French) in the summer. Why the lack of signings in the summer?

One reason — there were no more French players to buy! Seriously though I think the real reason was that we have a large squad especially after the last couple of transfer windows and the only area we really needed to improve was up front so we got in Remy on loan.

Cabaye stayed in the summer after an alleged bid from Arsenal. How big was that for the club?

At the start of the season I wasn’t best pleased with his attitude at the start of the season but I think his performances have improved and so has his attitude. Rumours of another bid from Arsenal are worrying though.

What’s your opinion of West Ham this season?

The 6-0 and 5-0 games were embarrassing for the club but I think most teams in the league would’ve struggled with losing three central defenders and a couple of strikers. Perhaps now Andy Carroll’s back ,it might reinvigorate the team and lead you to turn your season around.

Who should West Ham be worried about in the upcoming match?

You should probably be worried about your own team first especially with Roger Johnson playing! In terms of us, Cabaye and Gouffran have been recently and Cisse is definitely due a goal.

Which West Ham players would you have in your squad?

I’d love to Andy Carroll back in the black and white and that hasn’t changed even with his ridiculous beard! The rumours of Ravel Morrison and Mo Diame leaving would be interesting and I wouldn’t mind either coming to us.

What’s your prediction for the match and for both clubs this season?

I’ve got a feeling that it’ll be a draw so 2-2. I think we’ll finish 9th with you 17th.

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