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Like all West Ham United supporters, I feel frustrated, demoralised, hurt and definitely ”deluded” by the very poor fayre that is being served up to us at the moment

Like all West Ham United supporters, I feel frustrated, demoralised, hurt and definitely ”deluded” by the very poor fayre that is being served up to us at the moment

Indeed, I think that if the club was a restaurant, it would have been closed down at Christmas. As much as it hurts me to say it, I will be absolutely gobsmacked if Mr Allardyce can turn this debacle of a season around to avoid relegation. And I certainly would turn his own pet word “deluded” back on him if he really is under the assumption that players such as Roger Johnson are going to come anywhere near the required quality of the Championship, let alone the Premier League.

To be honest, it’s an embarrassment for the player. I’ve seen milk turn quicker. But please, who on earth sanctioned the deal? While on the subject of transfers, why can we not secure any of the players that we allegedly track? Ninety per cent of the players that we are linked with go elsewhere at the twelfth hour. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a club like Hull City ‘stroll’ in and secure the services of two Premier League strikers in the shape of Shane Long from West Brom and Nikica Jelavic from Everton. Surely questions need answering here, as this transfer window has been a repeat of the summer of 2013.

After receiving your open letter of January 6, I’d guess you are both feeling as downhearted as me about the situation we find ourselves in yet again. And I, for one, have always been a big believer in the current regime. A regime that are going to lead our club into a new era; a new era that every Hammer out there can be loud and proud about.

Sadly, it feels like I’ve been sucked in yet again. Not being given the whole story maybe? As a fan who has been turning up since 1967, and I may be naive, but surely I deserve the whole story. On the subject of honesty, you mentioned in your letter that Mr Allardyce had no choice but to put the kids out at Nottingham Forest. Absolutely fine, I’ve got no problem with that. In post match interviews he informed “the deluded ones” that he picked the team he wanted, had previously informed the chairmen, that he was playing the kids. I wish the ticket office had told me that when I paid for two Forest away tickets, and then put £80.00 worth of petrol in the car. Thank God my son doesn’t like burgers or drink beer!

I actually became a proud season ticket holder in 1982. A standing season ticket in the East Lower tier cost me the princely sum of £63.00. My uncle took me to my first game, as I said, in 1967. So yes, I’ve seen more managers than most. The sad thing is, I’ve never seen the people around me in the ground so subdued and can’t be bothered as I do today. It really is sad to see. Mr Allardyce is killing the passion of our glorious fans, as well as our club.

The thing I am at a loss to understand is how both of you, will not recognise it. Surely you would have been as upset as me at the horror show against Newcastle, watching a talent such as Ravel Morrison watch the ball pass overhead, alongside the 16.20 to Stuttgart? The last time this situation arose was, as you well know, the Avram Grant tenure. I do seem to remember it being documented that the board, as a whole, put their hands up and said: “we made a big mistake, and it will never happen again.” Are you still as confident?

I actually believe that the football we are dishing up at present is, by far and away, worse than Mr Grant had us playing, and unquestionably worse than Gianfranco Zola had us playing. I have made a conscious decision this weekend, and I can’t say honestly that I’ll stand by it. I’ve told my son Bobby that I’m not attending any more games, home or away, until Allardyce either leaves the football club or gives the deluded fans some entertainment.

Let’s be honest, we are getting beaten every week playing his way anyway. It was much more entertaining getting beat the deluded way. It will hurt like mad, but I am making the pledge now that If my beloved club are dishing up the same rubbish until the end of this season, there will be two decent seats available in the East Lower next season. Any deluded takers?

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