David Treadaway talks to Tim Holland about the future of Luke Shaw and midtable security

How do you assess your season thus far?

How do you assess your season thus far?

There have been some ups and downs but for me mid-table security is fine. The win at An field was a highlight at the start of the season. The season has seen a good squad come together — with a good mix of youth players and seasoned internationals. It’s probably the best squad we’ve had for a long time.

Pochettino has made a number of big signings this summer. How have they done?

Wanyama is a great player with a great engine and someone we’ve needed for a long time. Déjàn Lovren is a quality player and adds something to the defence. Less said about Osvaldo the better!

Lallana and Jay Rodrguez are in and around the England squad. Do you think they’ll make the World Cup?

I know I’m biased but I really think both should be on the plane for the World Cup. They both offer something different to what we’ve had traditionally in the England team. I think Lallana would be a shoe-in for a lot of internationals but because he plays for Southampton and we’re not the most fashionable of team there needs more of a debate.

Nicola Cortese resigned in January and there was talk of a club and player sale along with Pochettino’s resignation but the club weathered the storm. What does the future hold?

If I knew that I probably buy a lottery ticket. In all honesty, I have no idea. I expected Pochettino to go after his comments last season about his position if Cortese left. Katarin Liebherr has said there will be no player sale but I think the club will be sold sooner rather than later. Hopefully to someone with the funds to take us to the next level.

A lot has been said about Luke Shaw. Do you think he’ll be at the club come next season?

I’d love for us to keep hold of him but I think he’s destined for a top four club and I think David Moyes might be keen on him.

Ricky Lambert is vying for his place in the England squad against the likes of Andy Carroll. Do you think he’ll make the final squad?

I think he’s ahead of Carroll in goals and match fitness so for that reason I think he’ll go to the World Cup ahead of Carroll

Is there anyone West Ham should look out for in the Southampton squad?

I think you’ve mentioned everyone already. Lambert, Lallana and Rodrgiuez are all good attacking players. Jose Fonte also pops up with goals from defence as well.

Club record signing Dani Osvaldo left on a loan after a bust up with Jose Fonte. Was that more of a shock or disappointment?

A mixture of both, there were huge expectation when we signed him and to leave on loan the way he did was embarrassing. Hopefully he’ll come back with his tail between his legs and play again next season.

What are your thoughts on West Ham this season?

You had a tough season before Andy Carroll come back but you seemed to have improved now he’s back. I think you’ll be safe from relegation but I think Sam Allardyce may go in the close season.

What are your predictions for the match and for the season?

I will go for 1-1 for the match with Southampton to finish 9th and West Ham to avoid relegation and end up 15th.

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