Tim Holland speaks to Terry Pitman, lifelong Everton fan, about having nothing to complain about, Baines signing a new contract and Baines’ free kicks

What do you make of Everton's season thus far?

What do you make of Everton’s season thus far?

It’s been much better than expected. The draws at the start of the season were a concern but we’ve been resilient in defence and the consistency has come back into our game. Up front Mirallas and Lukaku are both scoring and the squad is now playing as a team which I always thought has been an issue before.

Which of your new signings has stood out for you this season?

I’ve been impressed by Gareth Barry as I wasn’t quite sure of his transfer in the summer and wasn’t sure what he’d offer the team but he’s been immense. Lukaku has also been great for us this season.

Leighton Baines has signed a new contract with Everton. How big of a deal is that for the club?

Baines is England’s best left back and it signalled that we’re no longer a selling club. It also signalled that we’re on the up.

What have you made of Roberto Martinez’s reign?

Roberto has been exactly what we needed at the club — a new direction. I think our style of play has improved and I’ve been impressed with his signings. So overall I’ve got nothing to complain about.

Are you surprised David Moyes has struggled at Manchester United?

I am a bit. He was great for us but it’s a very different environment at Manchester United. It may be a short journey but it’s a completely different club with different expectations. He struggled in the transfer window and for the first time in a while the team looks low on confidence.

Fellaini has struggled this season at Man United. Would you have him back?

I like the big man and I would’ve liked him to set the league alight at Manchester United but it hasn’t worked out for him. If it continues next season I think we’ll make a cheeky loan bid in January.

Ross Barkley is cementing his place in the England squad this season. How highly do you rate him?

I think he’s already one of the best midfielders in the country already and I hope he stays at the club for years to come.

How has the rivalry with Liverpool changed now they’re improving under Rogers?

It doesn’t matter if they’re playing well or battling against relegation, they’re still just a small club that will forever be in our shadow.

Who should West Ham fans be wary of in the Everton squad when the club’s meet?

Lukaku has been in great form this season, as has Mirallas but I suppose after our last match you should probably keep an eye out for Leighton Baines’ free kicks.

What’s been your opinion of West Ham this season?

I haven’t seen much of you to be honest apart from the cup matches against Man City but I’ve read that you’ve been doing well this month although your form will dip just when we play you.

Which West Ham players would you have in your squad?

I was disappointed that Razvan Rat left as he has one of the best names in football! I like your wingers especially Jarvis and Cole. Andy Carroll’s not bad for a big lad.

What are your predictions for the match and for the season?

I’ll go 2- 1 to us for the match with Everton to finish 5th and West Ham 17th.

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