Tim Holland speaks to KC Stadium season ticket Paul Bennett

How do you rate Hull's season so far?

How do you rate Hull’s season so far?

In my last interview I said being promoted makes you feel like you’re gate crashing a party and I think that is still the case. We’ve gate crashed the party without any beers and have left with the prettiest girl. The first few games of the season were tough but although we lack consistency we keep picking up points. I can’t decide my favourite game so far, it’s either the 6-0 against Fulham or the win at home against Liverpool. Hopefully both of these will be eclipsed by our FA Cup Final victory.

Are you surprised at how you’ve performed?

I think we were written off by most critics at the start of the season and were one of the favourites to go back down but we’ve proved a lot of people wrong. We’re still plugging away and haven’t reached safety yet but we’re going in the right direction and hopefully with a couple more wins we can make sure we play in the Premier League next season.

Is there a worry that the FA Cup could prove to be a distraction?

There’s always a worry that we could go down the route of Wigan and have a FA Cup final tinged with relegation. I think Bruce will make sure the team are only thinking ahead to the next game and thoughts of a final at Wembley are at the back of their minds.

Steve Bruce has been quite quiet this year, why do you think this is?

A mate of mine said the same a few weeks ago; I think Steve Bruce, like Sam Allardyce, is one of those managers that splits opinion. He has been quieter than in previous seasons but that is probably a good thing.

Steve Bruce signed two key players in January. How have Jelavic and Long adjusted to life at Hull?

Bruce’s transfers this year have been really good in general. Huddlestone and Curtis Davies were great buys in the summer and the additions in January were just as astute. Bruce got the backing of the board and spent the funds to get two top strikers into the club. It was an area we were lacking with and we pulled off two great signings. Although I don’t want to think what their weekly wages are.

Your owner announced at the start of the season the club were rebranding to Hull City Tigers. How have fans reacted to it?

With the outrage it deserves. Most things in life don’t irk me and I deal with change quite well. I’m not one to sign a petition to stop a housing development or a library being closed but this “rebranding” has infuriated me. It’s two things; 1) owners being deluded and 2) owners not listening to fans. No one wants this change and this can be heard at every match. For the owner to say he’ll leave and withdraw his support if this doesn’t go through just underlines how petty he is. I’ve got a feeling it won’t be ratified.

How big a loss was Danny Graham leaving?

I think Danny got a lot of criticism whilst he was at the club, some of it fair and some undeserved. I think he needs to get his confidence back so for me it’s good to see him scoring for Middlesbrough and I hope he can get his form back.

Who should West Ham fans be wary of in the Hull squad when the club’s meet?

Our new strikers Long and Jelavic are both proven Premier League goalscorers so I’ll go for them.

What’s been your opinion of West Ham this season?

It’s been a funny old season for you Hammers, injuries, hammering (excuse the pun) in the League Cup but you seemed to have turned it round. Let’s hope you haven’t peaked too early.

Which West Ham players would you have in your squad?

Stewart Downing has looked good this season as did Ravel Morrison before his more to QPR.

You predicted Hull to finish 16th, West Ham 17th in the last interview. Do you still think this will be the case?

I think it’ll be Hull 15th, West Ham 14th.

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