Tim Holland speaks to Arsenal fan Dan Bennett

How do you rate Arsenal's season?

How do you rate Arsenal’s season?

It’s been a great season especially after last season’s showing. As long as we’ve got Champions League next season, I’ll be content. Unfortunately our dip in form has come at the wrong time. We’ve also still got the FA Cup to play for..

Ozil was hailed as the club’s saviour at the start of the season. How’s he performed?

I think his dip in form has coincided with the club’s and also the injuries we’ve experienced. Ozil is, however, a great player and will continue to be next season.

Do you think you’ll win the FA Cup?

Who knows. Knock out competitions are a lottery really. Any draw is tough but I think if we get Ramsey back for the semi-final and play like I know we can then yes, I think we can go all the way .

Arsene Wenger’s 1000th game was embarrassing. How long do you think he’ll be at the helm?

It was embarrassing and Chelsea obviously hadn’t seen the memo. Arsene will remain here for a few more seasons. Anyway who would we get to replace him?

Who should West Ham fans be wary of in the Arsenal first XI when the club’s meet?

Giroud has had a good season and Oxlade Chamberlain has been playing himself into World Cup contention too.

Ramsey has really come of age this season. How big a miss has he been?

Our form and consistency is determined by our own players and losing someone like Ramsey at such a key time has been difficult. He really was unplayable earlier this season.

What’s been your opinion of West Ham this season?

I thought you’d be battling for Europe but you were very poor earlier in the season. I think your results have improved but your football hasn’t and you were quite right to boo at your last match.

Which West Ham players would you have in your squad?

Reid. I’ve got a feeling he might come in the summer and Morrison.

What’s your prediction for the match and for both clubs this season?

We will win 1-0 and finish 4th with West Ham 13th.

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