Could RiRi be ‘the only girl in the world’ for the Hammers?

You just know which Premier League club is in Rihanna's sights.

With Rihanna reportedly still on a high from this year’s World Cup and expressing a desire to buy her very own football club, will West Ham’s chairmen be looking to send out an SOS or if approached by the pop star’s people, would Gold and Sullivan turn to each other and ask: ‘Who’s That Chick?’.

I think there would be many a West Ham fan who would line Green Street with ‘Umbrellas’, shout ‘Te Amo’ from their rooftops and invite the two Davids to ‘Take a Bow’ if the ‘Diamonds’ singer was to invest heavily in the club ahead of the move to the Olympic Stadium. There would be others, however, who would say: ‘I’d rather have a Hole in My Head’ and some who would just ‘Shut up and Drive’ and not be bothered either way.

Personally if it’s her dream to become a chairwoman or team owner, has the money and doesn’t mind it being spent by others and not see an immediate return or even success, then I’d be all for it so long as her money was invested wisely.

Having said that, surely she isn’t the ‘Only Girl in the World’ West Ham could approach if in need of investment? Perhaps there might also be someone with a bit more business sense who, together with the club, could ‘find love in a hopeless place’ — and by love I mean another Carlos Tevez. Whether it’s in the UK or across the Atlantic, the singer is guaranteed to make headlines as a team owner if her World cup antics are anything to go by.

After Germany beat Argentina with an extra-time winner from Mario Gotz, Rihanna celebrated their victory by flashing fans at Brazil’s Maracanã Stadium — I’m sure West Ham could accommodate that sort of behaviour if she decided to start blowing bubbles. But, please Rihanna, no ‘S&M’.

And if she did take an interest in all matters West Ham, she wouldn’t be the club’s only famous fan. After the Queen, other well-known West Ham fans have changed the face of comedy, won world championships, directed countless classic films, been nominated for Oscars and ascended to arguably the highest public office in the free world.

The latter being fellow countryman Barack Obama whose sister lives in East London. The story goes she and her family support the Hammers and on a trip to London, Obama sat down with the family, watched a West Ham match on TV and was hooked. Only West Ham.

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