These are great times to be a Hammer so enjoy the moment

Rip-roaring, goal-scoring Hammers! We haven't said that in a while have we?

Rip-roaring, goal-scoring Hammers! We haven’t said that in a while have we? I’ve watched West Ham regularly from the age of six and, as you all know, watching our side can be a real drain at times. I wasn’t overly optimistic at the start of this season but at least with the signings we made, we had more options.

We had bodies to replace the all-too-frequently injured bodies that had damaged our progress in the last campaign and we had strikers who might actually be able to make it onto the pitch and nick us a goal or two. It’s been a complete surprise to everyone, inside and outside the club, how brilliantly we’ve done

We’ve been proactive and courageous going forward and we’ve battled back at times to take points from losing positions. We’ve been more steadfast in defence and we’ve killed games off when we’ve gone ahead where in the past we might have faltered. Throw in a few wonder goals for good measure and that’s the season in a nutshell. It’s been a pleasure to watch.

What I’m interested in now is how long can it go on for? Big Sam told me recently ‘why not just enjoy the moment, see how far we can go, let’s not think too much’ but I’d like to make the most of this rush of positivity while I can. The quality of the squad has improved dramatically, the entertaining football will continue, the confidence will grow with every point and the players will push themselves and each other as long as there’s healthy competition at the club. What’s not to love?

*If you’re looking for a fun night out before Christmas have a look at There’s a festive evening at the Boleyn on Thursday, December 11 with some of the West Ham legends. Cottee, Devonshire and Gale will all be there and it should be a fun evening – hopefully I’ll see some of you there!

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