Millwall? No, Spurs will always be our real rivals

The boys from the Lane are West Ham's true nemesis...

Tottenham Hotspur are our biggest rivals. Full stop. There are many who will say that we have a bigger rivalry with Millwall but, for me, there’s no rivalry between us – it’s pure hatred.

When I used to play, the games against Spurs were always good battles – I even got sent off in a testimonial game against them. That’s how much I always wanted to beat them! Sure they beat us at the start of the season and have been on a good run of late but we managed to beat them three times last season – twice at White Hart Lane.

The form book goes out the window in these derby games – it just comes down to who wants to win it the most. As for the saga over Emmanuel Adebayor not coming to West Ham on loan because Daniel Levy stopped it, I completely understand where he is coming from. It’s football and I can understand why he did what he did.

For me, I’m glad he didn’t come. I don’t think he would have been good for us at all. He’s an OK player when he wants to be but that’s usually when he wants a contract and after he’s got that, he’s just lazy. There’s no way West Ham fans would have warmed to him at all because of his lack of workrate .

Strikers should be like Tevez who work, work and work. That’s what football is all about.

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