Who cares if a player is gay as long as he gives his all?

Your interview with Thomas Hitzlsperger made interesting reading.

Your interview with Thomas Hitzlsperger made interesting reading. Although injuries meant he failed to make much of an impact during his one season with West Ham it was fascinating to hear about his off-field struggles while at the club. It can’t have been an easy decision to come out as gay and I’m not surprised that he waited until his playing career was over before going public.

However, I don’t feel gay players should worry too much about the reaction they would get if they came out. While there would always be a few idiots who would see it as an opportunity to go on the wind up I think most fans couldn’t give two hoots about a footballer’s private life.

All supporters really care about is how a player performs on the pitch. If he puts in 100 per cent effort while wearing the shirt fans will love him and if he is lazy fans will give him abuse whatever his sexuality. In 2015 there are more important things to worry about.

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