Sack Sam? Hammers need to be careful what they wish for

We've had a few bad results in recent weeks and, sure enough, the ‘SAM OUT BRIGADE' have crawled out of the woodwork.

We’ve had a few bad results in recent weeks and, sure enough, the ‘SAM OUT BRIGADE’ have crawled out of the woodwork. It’s time to make a change, they say. Sam Allardyce doesn’t know what he is doing and, if West Ham replace their manager in the summer, we’ll get Champions League football and play in a really attractive style. The noise is becoming deafening. It’s classless and, I’m sorry to say, most of the fans who are calling for his head are mostly clueless.

Allardyce has his faults, I’m not denying that. He can be stubborn and inflexible and resistant to change. His insistence on regularly using a player that perhaps no longer serves the best interests of the team isn’t helping his cause. He isn’t worried about being best buddies with the fans, he doesn’t feel the need to rekindle or foster strong relationships with them which, if he does go, could prove to be his downfall.

Sometimes you have to play the game, Sam. Having said all that, he has, season on season, fulfilled his objectives and hit his targets. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, he took us up and he’s kept us up. We had a sticky patch last year but we survived. We hit some heights this season and played some incredible football. Did we really expect to be able to sustain that long-term?

Results have levelled off, injuries have ravaged the team and form has dipped. It must be time for a revolution! We want it all, and we want it now. And while you’re at it we want it to look nice too! As far as I’m concerned that view is deluded. He’ll never be forgiven for being Sam Allardyce. And that is basically the long and the short of it. Whether he goes, whether he stays, I’ll still sleep at night.

I’m not his biggest fan nor am I calling for his head but I do appreciate what he has achieved during his time with us. It’s a dangerous road at times. We need to tread very carefully going into the final season at the Boleyn. If the decision is made to change manager then there really is no room for error. It is cause for serious concern and I’m getting slightly anxious just thinking about it.

Those who are demanding change need to realise that it isn’t a case of anyone but Allardyce. They need to realise that someone else will have to come in and between you and me I can’t see Pep Guardiola sending in his CV. David Moyes has been heavily linked with the job. Moyes, really? Now I have a massive amount of respect for David Moyes. I felt he was unfairly treated by Manchester United. Louis van Gaal is discovering for himself just how difficult that role actually is post Ferguson. Moyes did a good, decent job at Everton, he is loyal, wellliked in the game, he’s a tireless worker.

Will he bring sexy back to West Ham? Of course not! He is no different from Sam in that regard. Slaven Bilic would be the romantic choice and probably the fans’ favourite but he is completely untested in the Premier League. I’d take Frank De Boer like a shot but he’d be a gamble as he has only managed in Europe. Michael Laudrup is another big name and was an immediate success at Swansea, but I know there were no desperately sad faces following his departure, make of that what you will. The grass isn’t always greener so be careful what you wish for.

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