#2: Indonesian Hammers

BBM: When, how and why was group founded?

BBM: When, how and why was group founded?

Gregah Nurikhsani: It’s not easy to answer when the group was founded because originally the Hammers group were regional ones, such as Jakarta Hammers, Malang Hammers, Solo Hammers, Bandung Hammers and other cities. The Indonesian-hammers.com itself is created to cover and link (we hope) all West Ham fan bases in Indonesia. We are a media for hammers in Indonesia to get connected with others, get information about West Ham related in Bahasa Indonesia, integrate and unite all of us.

How many members in your group today? How quickly has that membership risen since you founded?

It varies. Every city has its own members. If all of them calculated, we can have more than 5000 West Ham fans. It’s a lot of numbers as Indonesia is the 4th largest country, and the 3rd biggest social media user compared to all nations.

Where do you watch games?

We usually gather up in certain meet point, probably a pub, coffee shop, café, etc. Every city/region has its own. If possible, we invite other fan bases, football related, to watch the games together.

How many times do members travel to games? Do you travel just to Upton Park or do you travel to away games too?

Quite rarely because we live far east in Indonesia. Living in South East Asia makes it hard to watch the games in Upton Park. But nothing is impossible. Some of us has been to London and watched West Ham at the stadium which was an amazing experience.

What have been your most memorable days as a supporters’ club?

We’re still waiting to have the most memorable moment! But the best one so far was when we all gathered up in one place, watching the playoff final between West Ham United against Blackpool. We all can’t forget it, can we?

What are the benefits of being part of your group?

Being in a hammers group in our city/country surely gives a lot of benefits. For a fan living OLAS and supporting West Ham in a city/ country that doesn’t have so much hammers sometimes makes us hard to even watch the game. So when we are united, we have that what-so-called ‘IRONS’.

What is your website address? What’s your Twitter handle? Are you on Facebook?

The website is www. indonesian-hammers. com

How can people get in touch with your club?

They can get the information which regional they want to get in touch in the website. We provide information about every regions hammers. So if they are in a current city at the time being, just follow it.

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