Managing our ladies team has been a superb experience

While the Premier League season isn't quite finished, the West Ham Ladies played their final games earlier this month.

While the Premier League season isn’t quite finished, the West Ham Ladies played their final games earlier this month.

One of those games was against Charlton Athletic in the final of the London Capital Cup. It was great to see so many West Ham fans come along and show their support for the Ladies. It was a wonderful occasion and I was proud of the Ladies despite the result.

I have thoroughly enjoyed being the West Ham Ladies manager. Don’t get me wrong, there have been times where I’ve thought “what am I doing here?” but you get over that quite quickly. Whether I will be manager next season remains to be seen. They have certainly progressed this season from last season – their finish in the league proves that.

We’ve brought in some good players and shipped some players out but to really progress, we need to get more money into the club and part of that is getting more people to come through the turnstiles. We had a big crowd when we played Charlton last month and in the final but we need more people to come regularly but in order for this to happen, we need to be competing for titles and trophies on the pitch.

Certainly if this opportunity had been another women’s football club, I would’nt have bothered but it was West Ham. For me coming in, it wasn’t so much about the ability of the players, I just wanted the players to give me 100 per cent. Give everything they have got. We had our ups and downs this season. We started off pretty well but then it went a little bit flat with a few results before we came back strong. Whatever happens this summer, I hope everyone in the West Ham family really gets behind the Ladies.

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