Bright, young and innovative Martinez is just what we need

The Everton boss would play in a style that would impress our fans

The endless rumours surrounding just who could replace Big Sam have gathered pace since our season came to an almost juddering halt as the Christmas decorations came down. The managerial carousel has well and truly gone into overdrive with names that are being linked with a job that continues to get increasingly attractive as we get closer to the big move to Stratford.

One of the more left field monikers linked with the vacancy should Big Sam’s services not be renewed is Everton manager Roberto Martinez. Now I’ve got to be honest, I simply couldn’t see Roberto trading in Everton for West Ham simply because they’re a bigger club. Surely he’d only leave them for one of the established top four but whilst Everton may Bright, young and innovative Martinez is just what we need The Everton boss would play in a style that would impress our fans Roberto Martinez KWAME BOAKYE @KwamsMoriarty be bigger there is far more potential at the Hammers because of the aforementioned new stadium and let’s not forget we do like to pay our managers a decent wedge.

So if Martinez could be persuaded to trade in Merseyside for the East End would he be a good fit? Yes I think so. The man has won a major trophy and he didn’t win it at City or Chelsea where any Tom, Dick or Harry can pick one of those up. He did it at little, old, unfashionable Wigan and that deserves endless respect.

When I look at the list of past managers in the Hammers hot seat and I’m talking about names such as Redknapp, Pardew, Curbishley, Zola, Grant and even Allardyce, there wasn’t a single trophy between them when they picked up the managerial reigns. So by virtue of that FA cup triumph, Martinez already has a more impressive trophy count than just about all the West Ham managers of recent years combined

Style of play has often been a thorny issue amongst the natives of the Boleyn and thinking long term if West Ham are to fill an extra 19,000 seats in the plush new surroundings of Stratford, an aesthetically pleasing style of play will be needed. Martinez at Swansea, Wigan and Everton has always produced and built teams that play open, expansive, attacking football so surely there’d be no issues on that particular front.

In fact Martinez might just be seduced by what he could create on a far bigger stage and more glamorous location than that of the crumbling Goodison Park. As far back as I can re member, and Redknapp is the first West Ham manager I can really remember, we’ve never really gone after sought after managers, it’s always been the cheap/ easy option taken by the board. I mean look what they went and did after ‘arry left, they employed Glenn Roeder and we went down.

And when Gold and Sullivan dispensed of Gianfranco Zola did they scour Europe to find us a managerial messiah to take us to the proverbial next level? No they went and hired Avram Grant and we went down. There’s a pattern forming isn’t there? In recent memory we simply haven’t shown any kind of ambition when appointing managers and that simply has to stop now.

If Sam is to depart in the summer and with every bore draw and meek defeat that seems more and more likely, the powers that be need to show some serious cojones

Going after a manger of Martinez’s calibre would be very encouraging. He’s bright, young, innovative has a trophy on his CV and he also espouses the kind of football that would put bums on seats in the Olympic Stadium. He’s a bit of an unrealistic target but if you never ask, you never know.

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