#8: Maltese Hammers

When, how and why was group founded?

When, how and why was group founded?

The Maltese Hammers was founded in 1995 by Norman Galea. We are a small but passionate group of people who follow the Hammers mostly with live TV games. Tours to Upton Park are organised twice to three times a year. Our founder Norman Galea has also been a season ticket holder in the Bobby Moore Lower for the last six years, which has ensured our club has good contacts with West Ham United, and most of all the supporters’ groups both in England and around the world.

How many members in your group today? How quickly has that membership risen since you founded? Where do you watch games?

The club has about 50 local Maltese Hammers fans. The games are on satellite TV so it’s easy to follow the Hammers on TV in clubs and pubs all over the Maltese Islands.

How many times do members travel to games?

As a supporters’ club we travel twice to three times a year mostly for home games at Upton Park. Since the club was formed we always manage to go to the big games such as our two play-off finals in Cardiff, the FA Cup Final against Liverpool in 2006 and the latest play-off final at Wembley against Blackpool.

What are the benefits of being part of your group? How can people get in touch with your club?

The biggest benefit is being able to come together most weekends and have a pint while watching our favourite team. We’re also a nice and friendly bunch. Supporters, both local and international, who would like to contact us can find us on Facebook, on Twitter (@maltesehammers) or can email us on maltesehammers@gmail.com and freddies@onvol. net. B

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