Lanzini’s Olympic call-up was a kick in the teeth for West Ham

Wrong: The Olympics should be about stars like Usain Bolt - not footballers

Even before Manuel Lanzini got injured it was already the case he would miss the first few weeks of the new Premier League season aft er being selected by Argentina for their Olympics squad. Th e midfielder is a huge talent and deserved every opportunity to stake his claim for a place in his country’s XI. However, it is a joke that West Ham would have lost one of their best young players for a Micky Mouse under-23 tournament.

The Olympic Games are a wonderful event but football has no place in the Games. Th e Olympics should be the pinnacle for any sport but the World Cup, European Championships, Copa America and Champions League are all more important to the best players. International football relies upon clubs releasing their best players — who they pay millions of pounds in wages to — for nothing. It would have been blatently unfair for West Ham to play games without one of thier best players.

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