#16: Queen City Hammers

When, how and why was your group founded?

When, how and why was your group founded? Queen City Hammers was pretty much founded in August of 2014 when a group of about five of us showed up to the same bar to watch the first match of the season. We didn’t know each other and honestly hadn’t expected to see any West Ham supporters. So we had to start something.

How many members in your group today? How quickly has that membership risen since you founded? Where do you watch games? Now we have about 10 people and growing. We actually get a surprising number of people who are traveling to Charlotte and want to watch the match with other Hammers. We meet up at Courtyard Hooligans as it is the only ‘soccer’ specific bar in Charlotte, North Carolina

How many times do members travel to games? Do you travel just to Upton Park or do you travel to away games? What have been your most memorable days as a supporters’ club? We have not traveled to any matches as a group but most of us have been there on our own. Some of us took the tour of Boleyn in it’s final year. We look forward to organising a group trip to the new Olympic Stadium with our supporters flag. Some of our most memorable matches as a group were some of the great victories the squad put up on the last year at Boleyn. I mean Liverpool – twice, epic

What are the benefits of being part of your group? How can people get in touch with your club? You are supporting one of the best clubs in the world with some of the greatest traditions in football. You can find us twitter (@clt_hammers) and Facebook.com/ queencityhammers. BBM

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