Every fan can contribute to the debate about standing safely

Standing up has dominated the discussion since West Ham's move to the Olympic Stadium.

Standing up has dominated the discussion since West Ham’s move to the Olympic Stadium. Th e club are desperate to stop people standing so they can get the licence to allow them to increase the capacity to 60,000. Persistent offenders have been threatened with life bans but it must also be said the stewarding has left a lot to be desired.

Like many fans I much prefer standing up while the game is going on. However, I recognise that not everyone wants to these days and if you have paid for a seat you deserve to be able to watch the game while sitting in it. You don’t need your view obscured by another supporter who is on his feet.

Instead of arguing amongst ourselves supporters who want to stand while watching West Ham need to get organised. The Football Supporters Federation has a Safe Standing Campaign and there is no reason why West Ham fans should not be able to join in this movement to lobby the government, Premier League and club to get a modern, safe terrace at the OS.

A safe standing (and singing) section would go a long way to solving many of the problems we are currently seeing.

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