#17: Finnish Irons

This month we caught up with Markku Kauppinen to learn more about West Ham Fans Finland.

When was your group founded?

West Ham Fans Finland was founded in January this year by some players of a team called Finnish Irons FC, which played in the Frank McAvennie Tournament at the Boleyn Ground. There was no Hammers fan club in Finland so we decided to found a Facebook group just to see how many Hammers fans there are in Finland.

How many members in your group today?

Today we have 130 Facebook members. We started the group with just six members so in six months we have been delighted with how many new members we’ve got. We have had only one meeting at the pub in Helsinki but there will be more meetings very soon.

How many times do your members travel to games?

We have two season tickets at the Olympic Stadium so there will always a West Ham Fans Finland member present on match days at Stratford.

What have been your most memorable days as a supporters’ club?

Our most memorable days as a supporters’ club was before the club was founded but also the reason why it was founded: Finnish Irons played in a couple of Frank McAvennie tournaments at The Boleyn and also Frank was kind enough to play as a special guest in our team which was fun and a very very great moment in our lives.

What are the benefits of being part of your group?

group? We have just started so the only benefit at this moment is the use of our season tickets if available. To get in touch with our club send an e-mail to me: markkukauppinen@luukku.com or through our Facebook page.

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