Did England’s Sam Allardyce really deserve to be sacked?

The former West Ham boss lost his job after a newspaper sting

I can’t say I am the biggest Allardyce fan but when the FA appointed him for the job in July, I thought he was probably the best person for the job, considering they wanted an English manager.

It was the job that Sam had always wanted and he must have felt that his dream was finally a reality, yet it seems his greed and need to boost his profile finally got the better of him and aft er just 67 days in charge, he was sacked by the FA. Th e video emerging of him discussing how the rules on third-party ownership were “ridiculous” and telling reporters how to circumvent them, together with his mocking of Roy Hodgson and negative comments about Gary Neville, Prince William and Prince Harry, were all pretty grim viewing for an England fan and undoubtedly for the FA.

I have read some articles from high-profile media outlets suggesting that the FA acted rather hastily in sacking Sam and that they should have asked him to make a statement apologising for his foolishness and naivety, whilst requesting tapes and transcriptions to buy time, before making a considered decision.

In my opinion this is outrageous and the FA had no choice but to sack Sam, who officially left by mutual consent. Yes, he can be accused of being naive, but the only naivety I can see is him thinking he would get away with making more dubious deals and deeming himself to be above the rules and regulations.

English football was at an all-time low aft er our humiliating exit in France this summer and I did not think it could get much worse. However aft er this shameful video of Sam materialised, things have really hit rock-bottom. England desperately need some positive media attention and at the moment I cannot see where this is going to come from.

If the FA had decided to stand-by Allardyce, I believe the negativity surrounding England would have increased and England wouldhave become even more of a laughing-stock, if that is possible, around the world.

The trust between Sam, the FA and England fans was broken the moment the news emerged and I do not believe there was any way back from it. If I had landed my dream job, was being paid £3m plus bonuses, you certainly would not catch me behaving in this way and I think this would be the case for most football fans.

You cannot defend his actions. Th e FA had no choice, for their own reputation if nothing else. Sam Allardyce had to go and sadly for him, he has only got himself to blame. Sam’s greed and arrogance appears to have caught up with him in the end. Simply put, he was just not worthy of his dream job.

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