#22: Tenerife Hammers

This month we caught up with Tony Smith to discover more about the Tenerife Hammers.

When, how and why was group founded?

The Tenerife Hammers was founded in 2006. There were a few of us that meet up to watch West Ham games on the island and we decided it would be a great idea to set up Tenerife Hammers so residents and holidaymakers could watch the game together. Our supporters’ club was the first Premier League supporters’ club to be set up in Tenerife. The founding members were myself, Barry Waghorne, Sean Murphy and Alan Tolfry. We got all the final details together on the plane when we flew back for 2006 FA Cup Final.

How many members in your group today?

Today, we have more than 150 members and 578 members in our Facebook group. In our first year we got to 70 members quite quickly and membership numbers have slowly risen from there. We watch games in the Theatre Bar – an extremely family-friendly bar situated in the “Garden City” area of San Eugenio – and Palms Sports Bar, situated in San Eugenio Alto near the Aqualand water park.

How many times do members travel to games?

We have six season ticket holders and other residents pop back every now and again. Plus if we get to any finals as many as 30 go back for that. Our members travel back to the UK for home and away games.

What are the benefits of being part of your group?

The biggest benefit is getting together with other West Ham supporters to watch the games. We also have a Christmas party and organise trips to watch our local team, CD Tenerife. We have two pool teams and our “A” team has won both the league and cup several times. If you live on Tenerife, planning to move over here or coming on holiday, check us out on Facebook – Tenerife Hammers Group, on Twitter @TenerifeHammers or drop us an email on tenerifehammers@ hotmail.com.

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