#24: Hammers Bandung

This month Blowing Bubbles caught up with Taofik Jun to discover more about Hammers Bandung..

This month Blowing Bubbles caught up with Taofik Jun to discover more about Hammers Bandung..

When, how and why was group founded?

Hammers Bandung started in November 2011 when I was with four others, True, Lucky, Reza, Lutfi, in the Clio Cafe in Bandung. After a long conversation in the cafe, we decided to create a community where fellow supporters of the Hammers can gather, interact and watch the games together. The first game we saw together was when West Ham faced with Millwall, we won 2-1 and we were happy.

How many members in your group today?

Our group grew rapidly in tandem with promotion to the Premier League, and currently we have a membership of 60 people. Every weekend we are together watching West Ham in the SG 7 Corner Cafe.

How many times do members travel to games?

We haven’t missed any West Ham games – it doesn’t matter if they are playing at home or away. We’re not picky and even when West Ham play in the early morning here in Indonesia, we always strive to have a group watching the game. We always hope that someday we can come to the land of Great Britain to witness West Ham play first-hand. We also live in hope that West Ham could do a pre-season game to Indonesia, to play against a local team or the national team.

The most highly memorable moment for our supporters’ club was when West Ham got back to the Premier League at the first time after being relegated to the Championship. We also enjoyed watching West Ham beat elite teams such as Arsenal, Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool and Tottenham last season.

How can fans contact you?

We possess some social media accounts such as Twitter (@hammersBandung), Instagram (hammersbandung), or by email (taofikjun@ yahoo.com). We are happy to interact in social media.

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