How you can help the Bobby Moore Fund’s fabulous work

Just wear your West Ham football shirt with pride on Friday, April 28

Bobby Moore is a true hero and there isn’t a person in the game who doesn’t look up to him and what he achieved, both for our country and for football as a sport. As a football supporter, the allegiance with and belief you have in your own team is absolutely unwavering. We need to take that spirit and apply it to beating bowel cancer sooner. We will make progress and we will win.

Th e Bobby Moore Fund for Cancer Research UK is encouraging men, women and children across the UK to dig out their football shirts and wear them loudly and proudly on Friday, April 28 to help fund life-saving research into bowel cancer.

Taking place during bowel cancer awareness month this April, Football Shirt Friday is returning for the fifth year with support from well-known faces from the sporting, business and acting worlds, with Robbie Savage, Sir AP McCoy, Sir Geoff Hurst, Ray Winstone, Luther Blissett, Hayley McQueen, Bianca Westwood and Tom Davis also getting in on the action.

For those who don’t know, the fundraising initiative, which asks people to wear their football shirt and donate £2 to the Bobby Moore Fund, draws inspiration from one of the most famous images of Bobby taken at the 1970 World Cup, where he swapped football shirts with Brazilian legend Pelé. Shown as a sign of respect between the opposing players, it’s a gesture that has been recreated by footballers worldwide ever since.

Bobby’s widow Stephanie Moore MBE, set up the Fund in partnership with Cancer Research UK to raise money for research into the disease. To date, over £23m has been raised to fund ground-breaking bowel cancer research. I’m sure Stephanie would join me in calling for the whole nation get behind Football Shirt Friday, wearing their team’s colours with pride and believing that together we can and will beat bowel cancer.

Enormous progress has been made in the last 50 years but sadly bowel cancer still kills 44 people in the UK every day. By joining forces, raising funds and channelling that unbreakable spirit of a football fan to support the Bobby Moore Fund, we can all help bring forward the day when bowel cancer is cured.

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