Who would want to buy the club if it was put up for sale?

We're going on for being halfway into this horrible season and absolutely nothing feels normal!

We’re going on for being halfway into this horrible season and absolutely nothing feels normal! What we are seeing from West Ham United on the pitch is something I can’t recall having seen before – no skill, no spirit, no guts and no interest. This looks like the worst West Ham team ever and tragically one that appears to care even less.

We have the right to feel angry, frustrated and scared because in over 50 years of following this club, I don’t know where we go from here although right now it looks like the Championship! Many claim – as is always the case when things look at their darkest – that the board should resign, or at least put the club up for sale.

It’s knee jerk stuff born from frustration and anger and on the face of it, to many, the most obvious and straightforward answer

Truth is in the seven years since the current board took over there hasn’t been a single off er for West Ham United although those desperate for change claim there would be were the club to be put on the market.

Working on the most conservative figures here’s what a buyer would probably need to find: * £500m to buy the club * £500m to buy the stadium – assuming it is available from the current owners * £750m to transform it from an athletics stadium into a football arena * £200m for team strengthening in order to get us to the next level

The club is also in debt with money owed to the current owners who have bailed it out with loans. That all adds up to a bare minimum of £2bn although the truth is it would probably work out to a lot more than that.

This is not simply a case of potential buyers offering a sum to buy the club and carrying on as before – that is hardly going to keep the fans happy. All of this demonstrates where the decadence of the money-making machine that is the Premier League has led us over recent years.

This board isn’t perfect. Recruitment has been poor in recent years and Slaven Bilic was left in place for too long while David Moyes may or may not be the right replacement but the ‘put it up for sale’ chat – given the figures – come from La La land.

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