We are in no position to turn our nose up at winning ugly

After the disappointment of our games against Newcastle and Bournemouth

After the disappointment of our games against Newcastle and Bournemouth, it was very important we got off to a good start in 2018.

It was key that we got the result against West Brom, given the positions we both found ourselves in, and to score in the last minute was great because it didn’t give them any chance to throw everything at us.

It was a great three points and great to see Andy Carroll hitting the back of the net again.

We followed this up with a valuable point against Spurs. Obiang’s goal was incredible and I know we didn’t have many shots on target but football is all about results – we’ll take the point every day of the week.

It was the perfect way to start 2018 and now we’re in the midst of a run of games against teams around us. It’s really important we pick up as many points as we can this month given the fixtures. It’s important, first and foremost, that if we can’t win the game, we don’t lose it.

In an ideal world, we would like to see us play well and expansive football and all that but if it’s a choice between that and getting beat or playing scrappy and getting three points, I know what I would take!

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