Moyes has made an impact but we are not out of the woods just yet

I have been quite impressed by the majority of the results in the first two months of Moyes' reign - particularly since December.

I have been quite impressed by the majority of the results in the first two months of Moyes’ reign – particularly since December.

I think, to be honest with you, one of the first things Moyes did was get the players fit. They couldn’t last 90 minutes so he got to work straight away on that.

He has got them back for extra training and although it was a simple thing to fix, it’s had a huge impact.

I read Moyes comments after the Tottenham game where he said that West Ham are still a long way off where he wants us to be and how he wants us to play. It just goes to show there is still more to come.

Cast your mind back to when he was given the job and many a West Ham fan didn’t want Moyes. Yes he is a dour Scot but you don’t spend 11 years at a club like Everton without having a bit about you – especially as he didn’t win anything.

In today’s game, if you don’t win anything for two or three years – you’re on your bike. Moyes only left Everton because Manchester United came knocking on his door. I suspect many of those who didn’t want him before have been won over by what he has done in his first two months without a doubt.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked Slav but he was too close to the players. I do wonder what our results would have been in December under Slav given our form under him before he was sacked!

But it’s clear that since Moyes has come in that he is the boss.

He says what he wants them to do and they’d better do it or otherwise they’ll find themselves out of the team.

He had a tough decision to make in dropping Joe Hart but I think it was the correct decision.

Adrian has come in and he just gives you plenty of enthusiasm and passion whereas Joe Hart is more an action man and he needs to slow down a bit.

Joe does everything at 100 miles per hour. Yes, Adrian is quite similar but he has been at the club for a while now and knows what it means to the fans.

The front cover of Blowing Bubbles for December pretty much summed up how we all felt at the end of November with Man City, Arsenal and Chelsea coming up before Christmas. But aside from the Newcastle and Bournemouth games, we’ve defended well and against the likes of Spurs, we’ve shown how well we can defend as a team.

We always seem to up our game when we play the sides at the top of the table but when it comes to games, like Newcastle and Bournemouth, that we should have won, we perform poorly.

When you looked at the live table after Obiang put us in front at Spurs, we were in 11th place. It was sickening to see Son’s equaliser fl y in but on the balance of play, a draw was probably the right result.

After the game, I had a look and there were more points between first and second than there were between eighth and 20th. That’s crazy.

It just goes to show that if one side can get a good run together and win a few games and stay unbeaten you’ll be in the top half of the table.

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