Why Mark Noble is my favourite West Ham player of all time

Blowing Bubbles writer James Gavin on his highs and lows of watching the Irons

Blowing Bubbles writer James Gavin on his highs and lows of watching the Irons

First West Ham game? It was an away match at Leeds United. My dad took me on what the first of many away days. Given our poor record against Leeds, there wasn’t a lot of hope but perhaps it was meant to be as we actually won 1-0, which as I learned the hard way, was a rare away victory.

Favourite game? This answer picks itself, as there is nothing better than seeing your team win at Wembley. Beating Blackpool in the Play-Off final is a fond memory, winning so late on was such a thrill, although at the time I thought it was earlier because the game seemed drag on!

Worst game? This has a lot of contenders unfortunately. I am going to go for last season’s FA cup match against City. The fact the stadium was nearly empty after 50 minutes says it all, a painful watch and

Favourite goal? The Andy Carroll overhead kick will be the best goal I’ll ever see and I’m only 20! I was right behind it, and can only just about believe it after seeing hundreds of replays. The ball went like a bullet.

Favourite player of all time? This is tricky because I loved having Tevez, even though it was only short lived. Scott Parker was an inspiration, but I have to go for Noble because he has played throughout the majority of my life, and has given everything to our club.

Favourite player from the current squad? Lanzini easy. He is an amazing player, his skill is unbelievable and it is so true that if he plays well the team plays well. Hopefully he will be here for many more years but unfortunately I doubt that.

Best opposition player you’ve seen play against us? I have to go for Hazard, perhaps this is swayed because I live with a Chelsea fan that never shuts up about him. But he is truly unbelievable on his day, the low centre of gravity he possesses is mind blowing and he’s surprisingly strong.

Best team you’ve ever seen play against us? This is a very small conciliation that the worst game I experienced was at the hands of the best team. Manchester City are a fantastic team and always seem virtually unstoppable in a game as unpredictable as football.

Favourite away day? Winning away at Blackpool on a cold Tuesday night 4-1. This game had it all, going down to 10 men, and then Henri Lansbury coming on to go in goal. Lots of goals, and chanting: ‘We are top of the league’.

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