Pub Talk: Our next manager, the future of Carroll and Hart, and other likely departures this summer

The Blowing Bubbles team sit down to put the West Ham world to rights

Do you want David Moyes to be our manager next season? If not, who would you like to see given the role?

Meirion Williams: I pray that the last game I see David Moyes in charge of is our one against Everton. If we do survive relegation, it will be down to there being three worse teams than us in the league rather than what Moyes has accomplished. He struggles to be proactive during games with substitutions often too late and his recent negative tactics have cost us dearly. In my eyes there is only one candidate for the role and that is Rafa Benitez. Even if it takes a large sum to bring him to the club it will be worth it. Just look at what he has done at Newcastle where he has taken a mediocre group of players to safety. Just think what he could do with the players we have at our disposal.

Lucy Woolford: I disagree Meirion. I’d like to see him given a chance. He might not have a glowing track record but he’s a competent manager who could get some consistency going in the club. Let’s not forget that his management of Arnautovic has been what’s brought some light into the club this season. He should be allowed a strong transfer budget to see what he can do.

Luc Bailey: I’m sorry Lucy but I’d rather Moyes is replaced by someone younger and upcoming. My choice would be someone like Gary Rowett at Derby, mainly due to knowing that the board won’t bring anyone in of renowned quality.

Emily Pulham: I’m with Meirion and Luc. He’s been abysmal. We’re no better off under him than we were under Billic. He has no ambition. Similarly, I don’t want to even hope for any particular manager as our board have no ambition either.

David Meagher: I get the casting vote do I? He is not very inspiring but we need a consistent build over two years before we make a proper charge for the top six. He’s well suited to dragging us up to the lower parts of the top half of the table.

Does Andy Carroll have a future at West Ham if David Moyes is kept on as manager, or do you think he’ll be heading for the exit door this summer?

MW: It’s a difficult one with Carroll. Part of me finds him frustrating but he can certainly do a job when fit and offers us an alternative. As a result of his poor injury record, I doubt his resale value is huge. I would keep him for the remainder of his contract and use him mainly as an impact substitute.

LW: I feel think he does. Carroll can be an important part of this squad if he stays and I’m sure Moyes knows that. The ‘incident’ is nothing more than a manager actually managing his players and making it clear who’s boss. Tempers can boil over, especially when things are a little uncertain, but that’s just human nature. Carroll and Moyes can get along if Carroll considers himself as part of a team.

LB: I think Carroll will only be kept on if we don’t get a good offer for him, which would be surprising if we did. I’m not sure any other club would take the risk on him.

EP: I’m #TeamAndy on this one. The game against Man City was screaming out for him and he scored in the previous game. His storming out and reported training ground bust up is the kind of passion and determination we need at the club right now. I’d rather keep Carroll than Moyes.

DM: I’m sorry everyone but no. Time to move on. Everybody is tired of the cycle. Andy is a great player but perhaps a different medical set up away from West Ham might allow him to have a decent run without injury. Also, we no longer have good crossers of the ball out wide as Arnie and Antonio like to cut in more.

Do you think we should try to sign Joe Hart? If not, should we try to sign a better ‘keeper than Adrian, or buy someone young as back-up to the Spaniard?

MW: Sadly despite him being young for a ‘keeper, I feel that Hart’s best years are behind him. He has become too accident prone and this clearly affects the defenders playing in front of him. I love Adrian but similarly he is prone to mistakes and would worry me as a regular starter. Both Jack Butland and Ben Foster could be available. I would push the boat out for Butland, he’s young and desperate to be England’s number one. He could be our keeper for years to come.

LW: I agree with you Meirion! I would rather we didn’t sign Hart. He’s been given a chance with a loan deal and he hasn’t been the consistent ‘keeper that we need. I’d like to have someone who is a step above Adrian rather than a youngster. Adrian is highly capable so to take a risk on someone who’s not proven to be strong and decisive would be a step in the wrong direction.

LB: Hart should be let go in the summer, Adrian should be reinstated as our number one and a younger goalkeeper should be brought in to learn the ropes and eventually take over.

EP: It’s a no from me for Joe Hart. I’m sure he’s a nice guy, and he got us a crucial point against Chelsea, but the inconsistency in playing Adrian and Hart has been exceptionally problematic this year and led to a crisis in confidence with both ‘keepers. Adrian is a good keeper; I’d like to keep him and buy him some decent back-up.

DM: This is a unanimous decision. No way should we sign Hart. He has had a destabilising effect. Why on earth did we let Randolph go? Adrian deserves first team football and a bit more faith!

Declan Rice is sure to be in the first team squad come August, are there any other young players that you’d like to see get more of a chance next season? What about Reece Oxford?

MW: I would like to see more of Domingos Quina and Nathan Holland. Quina seems to be wanted by quite a few teams so we run the risk of losing him if he isn’t given a chance. I have also heard great things of Holland and he seems to be the current rising star in the Academy. As for Reece Oxford, I think his days as a Hammer are numbered. On his return over Christmas he showed no desire to play for us.

LW: I think Reece Oxford is one of those players that you just have to take a chance on, much like we have with Declan Rice. A good manager will work out pretty quickly if it won’t work out. Like Meirion, I quite like the look of Domingos Quina. He is another player who has been hovering around first team football as well so it’d be nice for him to get more chances next season.

LB: I’m not sure Oxford will return to the club. I believe he’s burned his bridges and will likely stay in Germany. I’d like to see Marcus Browne, currently in form for the under 23’s, and Martinez get more opportunities next season.

EP: I must be honest, I haven’t kept up with how Reece Oxford has done this season, but next year I would like to see Josh Cullen get gradually and tactically involved in the first team. He was great in the cup run and could do big things if introduced properly.

DM: It’s been a big disappointment how the likes of the Reeces and Toni Martinez haven’t pushed on. Given the gulf in speed and first touch you have to wonder if playing in lower leagues really is preparation for the Premier League? Would Declan Rice have developed so well at a League Two club? I doubt it.

Who do you think will leave the club this summer? Who would you like to see us bring in?

Sadly I think we will see Ginge leave which I believe is a great loss. Yes he has become injury prone but he loves the club and I am sure even if he were on crutches and asked to play he would. I have watched him with the younger players and he would be a great coach for the youngsters. I think that it all depends on who the manager is for who else will leave. Hernandez will certainly not be with us nor will Adrian and if Moyes is in charge, we could lose Lanzini. As for who we will bring in, now that’s dependent on who the manager is and also if the board is prepared to spend. I’m not holding out much hope for big spending. I would though love to see renewed interest into Dondoncker and Batshuayi.

LW: I don’t think Snodgrass will be returning from his loan! And as much as I think Andy Carroll should stick around, I feel he could be tempted away. Equally, I don’t think it would take too much tempting for Hernandez to walk away. Inbound players should be experienced but not elderly, confi – dent but not arrogant. Too much to ask?

LB: I think Kouyate and Fernandez will certainly be sold. Kouyate’s form has dropped massively since we moved stadiums and I’m not sure he will want to be here next season. I’d like us to bring in Carvalho, but I think that ship has sailed unfortunately. Possibly Redmond if Southampton are relegated.

EP: Hernandez, Lanzini, Carroll, Hart and, really unfortunately, Collins will leave. I’d like to see us bring in enough players to start the season with a full fi rst team roster.

DM: I think a big clear out is a coming. It’s easier to list those who should stay rather than the departees. At the very least we really need two top quality defenders, two midfi elders, two forwards and a second goalkeeper. Jack Butland would be an exceptional capture for us.

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