Phil Parkes: ‘West Ham should never have signed Joe Hart and he must go this summer’

I knew when we signed Joe Hart it was a bad move

I knew when we signed Joe Hart it was a bad move. I’ve never fancied him. Some are saying he might get a permanent deal on the back of one good game at Chelsea but that’s nonsense for me.

What we should have been saying after the Stamford Bridge game was not: ‘Wasn’t he great’, but ‘good to see the ‘keeper still in decent form’. The fact that people responded as they did showed what a rough season he’s had.

At a wage of £110k-a-week we should have had much more from him. He probably earned us a point but I reckon the minimum requirement for the season was 10 or 11.

He should have been doing a lot more than making a few decent saves and although David Moyes claims no final decision has been made, all my information tells me that he is going back to Man City which really doesn’t surprise me at all.

Adrian? Personally I don’t see that there’s much between them but given that he’s had a couple of seasons in and out of the team I think if he gets a decent offer he’ll be off because there’s little incentive for him to stay in those circumstances.

It will be a surprise to see them both go but it’s clearly possible as every club must have two good ‘keepers these days and we have struggled this season with the form of the two we’ve had.

I don’t see anybody out there who I really rate. Jack Butland’s all right and may have suffered by being in a poor team, but will we go for him with a real chance of getting him? I’ve got my doubts.

I don’t like Pickford at Everton because although he has made decent stops from distance, there’s far too many going in from a couple of yards because he’s no good in the air.

I’m no fan of Ben Foster or Fraser Forster. For me, the ‘keepers in Britain are all on the light side so we may well be looking abroad.

The fact Arsenal had to turn to Petr Cech says a lot and then there’s Begovic down at Bournemouth who looks dodgy that’s for sure.

Whoever the boss goes for he has to move quickly because the transfer deadline is earlier this year and we need to have them in fast and make Not good enough: Signing Joe Hart was a mistake 17 sure that whoever is number one has the chance to work with the back four regularly through pre-season.

We have to make sure the understanding between them is spot on and given that the manager appears to want new defenders as well, there’s a lot of work in front of the boys this summer.

Speaking of defenders, I must say I feel for young Declan Rice, whom I consider a fantastic prospect despite his problem against Arsenal and an own goal against City he could do little about.

At a very tender age he has been plunged into a serious relegation battle in the most diffi cult position in Premier League football.

The fact that he has come through it will have been a huge learning curve but he will be a much better player as a result although his game looks outstanding to me as things stand.

He’s three players in one as he can play at the back and on the right and left of midfi eld and has great composure.

He’s going to be a real star and well done to Terry Westley and his Academy team who have helped him to develop into one of the most exciting youngsters we’ve had in many years.

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