‘I’ll never forget the play-off tie against Ipswich at Upton Park’

Blowing Bubbles' Lucy Woolford looks back at her time supporting the Irons

Blowing Bubbles writer Lucy Woolford looks back at her time supporting the Irons

First West Ham game: Enjoyed a few friendlies and a youth cup final in my early years. My first league game was against Spurs in 2001. The game was average but I was too excited to care. We lost 1-0 but my overriding (and random!) memory is Poyet suffering from a concussion!

Favourite game: Easy! Play-off semi-final second leg against Ipswich in 2004. An atmosphere unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed and a fantastic turnaround. Unforgettable night. Whenever I close my eyes and think of Upton Park, that’s what pops into my head.

Worst game: I travelled from Ireland for the home leg of the League Cup semi-final V Man City in 2014. We were 6-0 down and went on to lose 3-0. The atmosphere was good. The performance was bad.

Favourite goal: Trevor Sinclair V Derby, Boxing Day 2001. A Di Canio corner to Joe Cole at the edge of the box, who whipped it in to Sinclair for it to be volleyed stunningly into the Derby net. I don’t have a great memory, but I remember that like it was yesterday.

Favourite player of all time: Don’t ask me why, but I had such a fondness for Trevor Sinclair. I guess at the time I started properly supporting West Ham he was the “flair” player and he just caught my attention week in, week out.

Favourite player from the current squad: Mark Noble. Perhaps not for raw talent and ability but I couldn’t answer with any other name. He encapsulates the best things about the club. He’s passionate, dedicated and down-to-earth.

Best player you’ve seen play against us: As much as it pains me to say it, it’s probably Ronaldo. I don’t love him but I can’t deny that he was unplayable at times. Watching him in the stands, you wish your players could have half of his quality.

Best team you’ve ever seen play against us: I would say it was the Champions League-winning Man United side of 07/08. As individuals, the players were some of the best in the Premier League. As a team they just worked and made life so hard for their opposition.

Favourite away day: There have been a few great ones, but one that stands out is Peterborough in 2012. The away fans were in the standing terrace and it was a great experience, despite being under 5ft. I lost my inhibitions and just chanted away!

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