Claret & Hugh: ‘Moyes and the owners are both responsible for our tough 2018’

Conspiracy theories are everywhere and whoever you listen to, or whichever website or newspaper you read, there's apparently a West Ham agenda.

Conspiracy theories are everywhere and whoever you listen to, or whichever website or newspaper you read, there’s apparently a West Ham agenda.

The latest theory doing the rounds is that the board-friendly media are orchestrating a ‘Moyes Out’ campaign in order to deflect flcak which should be continually directed at the board. The reality is that several Twitter polls that have received more than 30,000 votes have shown an overwhelming majority want him out – these are not being run by board lovers.

Had David Moyes failed in his mission to save the club from relegation, the board would have had to take everything that came at them for appointing the Scot in the first place. It’s utterly ludicrous too suggest some are trying to take the heat off the board at a time such as this – it’s nonsense and off the scale to the point of stupidity.

When Moyes was appointed with all the talk of getting the squad fit, it sounded good. Eventually we began to climb to a position of safety but that fell away and left us in desperate straits.

Here is a man also on a six month contract whose only brief was to achieve the survival objective, calling out players publicly and producing the same defensive system game after game. Yet he has been acting like a long-term Alex Ferguson type figure!

He threw some rather spiteful remarks at both Declan Rice following the Arsenal mistake and Manu Lanzini after his perceived involvement in the fourth goal conceded against Manchester City.

Then came the Andy Carroll-induced row when the striker walked off the bench against Manchester City which resulted in him being sent home and a two-day absence before it was sorted. Not ideal in the prevailing circumstances. My own attitude was always that he should be given a chance, which he has now had, and in my book proved himself the wrong bloke for the job.

Had we adopted a more positive approach to the Stoke match, in particular, I believe we could have won it well and avoided a dreadful and anxious end to the season.

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