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The Blowing Bubbles team settle down to put the world to rights..

Do you think David Moyes did enough to keep his job?

Brian Williams: Yes but the owners needed to throw him under the bus in an effort to convince supporters they are taking us to the ‘next level’. I bet they wish they’d never used that phrase now.

Lucy Woolford: I did, and still do, think he’d done enough to warrant a chance at a full season. He did more than what was asked and under immense pressure. He was never given a budget or full backing but he more than kept West Ham up safely and kept his dignity.

David Bowden: Unfortunately for Moyes, I think the decision was made long ago that he wouldn’t be here beyond this season. The board always wanted to make a ‘statement’ and knew that appointing Moyes, no matter what kind of job he did last season would be received negatively. I thought Moyes did well given the squad he inherited and he should be praised for the job he did but he isn’t the man you employ if you want to ‘win the fans over’.

How did you feel about Manuel Pellegrini’s appointment?

Holly Worthington: I’m absolutely buzzing about the appointment of Pellegrini. His attacking style of play excited me, he’s already proven himself in the Premier League and I like to think he will push for the maximum budget to spend this transfer window.

Meirion Williams: I had mixed emotions about this one mainly to do with his age. He will be one of the oldest managers in the Premier League. His CV though is exceptional and he was successful under difficult circumstances in Spain. A key plus is that his name alone will attract good players to the club. That is, of course, assuming the owners give him money to spend. His appointment could be a master stroke by Sullivan. On the whole I’m pretty pleased although if I’m honest I would have preferred Rafa.

David Meagher: It’s exciting. Good football and charisma awaits. In all honesty, he didn’t come for the money as the Chinese salary was colossal, so there must be a plan for greatness.

Brian Penn: Mixed emotions if I’m really honest. I’ve no doubt he has a good pedigree and will attract players to the club. But I wonder if his age (65) will be against him; and I always thought he struggled with the language. But let’s see what he can do. I think I said the same thing about Moyes when he started?

James Collins was let go at the end of his contract. Did you agree with this decision?

BW: I was gutted. I know that modern football thinks nothing of loyalty, but I can’t believe there’s no place for him among the coaching staff. Every club needs a bit of Ginge in their DNA.

DB: It is a difficult one, taking the claret and blue specs off for a second, it makes sense. He is an ageing player, who has proved quite injury-prone over the past couple of seasons. But it is Ginger Pele; he bleeds claret and blue so the alleged treatment of him was a bitter pill to swallow. I hope to see him back here in some capacity in the future as coach or mentor. But I feel with Pellegrini in charge now that won’t happen.

DM: It was handled badly but at 34 years of age it was time to make way. The rise of Declan Rice probably sealed any doubts.

HW: I’m sad to see Ginge go and think he deserved a far better send off than the one he got. On the other hand, he wasn’t getting any younger and he’ll get more games at another club. An absolute legend who really will be missed.

Should the Ginger Pele be awarded a testimonial?

LW: Absolutely. He’s given us so many great years, memorable performances and worn his heart on his sleeve. It’s such a shame he didn’t get one even as a goodwill gesture on his departure. I certainly would have bought a ticket.

MW: A difficult one here as it may not be possible due to us no longer owning our own ground. I don’t think his break in service when he left us to play for Villa should be a problem. After all, at the time, Ginge needed to be closer to home due to family circumstances. Ginge certainly would not need the money but it would be great to give him the send off he deserves. Maybe a great PR opportunity would be to host a game at the Orient with a capacity of 10,000 or at the Daggers.

BP: Yes, provided the proceeds go to charity. He’s been a terrific servant to the club and such loyalty should be rewarded accordingly.

What did you make of the West Ham Ladies being granted Women’s Super League status?

BW: It’s always great to see any West Ham team do well. As the father of a daughter who hates football, I just wish there had been such great role models for women like her when she was a kid.

LW: It’s great recognition of a hardworking team that has made strides in women’s football in the last few seasons. The Ladies have been on an upwards curve and this has topped it off nicely. The announcement video was a bit cringey though, wasn’t it?

HW: I’m so happy West Ham Ladies have made it into the Super League. They fully deserve it after a successful season and the team shows a ridiculous amount of talent. I can’t wait to follow the ladies next season!

What are your expectations for next season?

BW: If 50 years of supporting West Ham has taught me nothing else, it’s that there is only one way to keep your sanity: fear the worst and hope for the best!

LW: I expect to finish in the top half of the table because that will, in reality, be progress. I expect top class signings and for the team spirit evident towards the end of this season to keep going.

DB: It is important we, as fans, don’t get carried away and start deluding ourselves. It is going to take time for the Chilean to really get us playing the way he desires. So I’d bite your hand off for a top 10 finish and a cup run.

MW: The same as most years mid-table with a decent cup run. What I want to see is the team being competitive in all games and not going to such places as Anfield and being defeated before they even walk on the field. It’s a season of stability for me please.

DM: I am always the optimist. Get a decent striker, a mobile and aggressive midfielder along with a right back and we look half decent again. We need to hold on to Arnie and Lanzini, get Reid and Antonio back to their best and it looks very positive. The signing of Ryan Fredericks is a good start. 7th!f

BP: We really need to manage our expectations and keep a firm grip on reality. I would be happy with a top 10 finish and a decent cup run. It would nice to have a comfortable season and not have to stress about relegation!

HW: I’m feeling positive about next season. New manager and a lot to improve on. I know I said it last season, but this could be our best season at the London Stadium yet. Time so show everyone we mean business.

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