Reasons for West Ham to be negatively positive

We are moving in the right direction as a club and I can see the intentions of the board are good

It’s that time of year for us Hammers fans where we are either dreading the season ahead or looking forward to it. For me it’s a bit of both. I’m sure some would agree with that and I’ll do my best to explain why.

Transfer rumours are that for one thing. Yes, that’s right they are both annoying and detrimental to our ambitions to negotiate and conclude such signings. You may feel I’m being a bit dramatic but when you have the owner’s son tweeting about the possibility of smashing our current transfer record it does make me cringe a little as a fan and alert other clubs to our motives in the market (they too recognise the power of Twitter).

As one tweeter stated it’s quite laughable really. I know David Gold is on Twitter and he must know Sullivan’s son is a tweeter too and the fact he still continues to tweet rumours tells me it don’t bother Gold. It sells season tickets.

We all know this and if I’m honest I like Jack Sullivan’s tweets and, overall, he is a really nice lad, I’d rather the info from him than all of these so called ITKs! They are by far the worst at spreading such crazy rumours! And let’s not forget Clunge and Moose!

Both tweeters are respected and Clunge, in particular, is usually quite reliable as a source of info but this month I would hold him/her accountable along Moose for raising most Hammers fans hopes and then slowly but surely letting them down. It was Clunge who tweeted about Kaka and investment and a £60 million pound budget let’s not forget and from there it’s just gone downhill in terms of deals actually happening. Kaka? Tevez? Joselu? Berbatov?

The Andy Carroll saga has dragged on and on and on damaging our reputation in the process. I for one am glad it hasn’t happened because I don’t think he would “keep us up”. BFS for me was wrong to quote that and just shows he’s current amount of belief in the capabilities of our squad (not much).

I believe Andy Carroll is not that type of player and his signing stinks of long ball, a style we can’t stand to watch for another whole season and maybe a style which may prove to be our downfall this season.

I’m 100% positive the board made a move for Carroll and convinced they made an enquiry for Tevez (Gold admitted making a move for Carlos in January along with Torres) but I don’t think we ever came as close as all the ITK and Moose/Clunge tweets suggested: “record deal by Wednesday”, etc.

Instead what we really got was the ginger Pele back! A signing I’m not too optimistic about and have come to the conclusion that this is a major step back. I know he is held in high regard on the terraces by the Hammers faithful and I do think he’ll have his moments of solidness but he will in my opinion get skinned alive by the best Premiership strikers as he did with Aston Villa last season. They realised this and promptly shipped him out for a nominal fee to the nearest mugs. Oh wait – that’s us!

I hope I’m wrong. I hope he has a wonderful season but I don’t see it. Along with Winston Reid, he is just not good enough for the Premier League. Mohamed Diame was, however, a step in the right direction along with Maiga in terms of quality brought in but we are seriously lacking quality defenders and a passionate, lively, game- changing, raging-bull goal scorer (how I miss Di Canio and Julian Dicks) Someone like Tevez. A bulldog who wears his heart on his sleeve.

I would seriously consider David Gold and Sullivan paying £40 million out of their own pockets for him. Yes, he’s that good and yes he would keep us in the Premiership! Maybe he would sign, maybe he wouldn’t but as we all know Man City have proved money talks in this game. Let’s get a bid accepted!

I agree our owners are not as wealthy as Man City’s owners but they are wealthy regardless. Gold keeps moaning and tweeting about debt and saving the club from administration but really he saved himself too and his fortune. Birmingham is sinking with its current owners.
With the location of the club it’s not exactly a money spinning machine. It was sold at a profit. Hammers fans are the ones really paying for the debt with astronomical ticket prices ( £45 for the Norwich game!) and over-priced tacky club merchandise.

Be real. And let’s not forget the sale of Upton Park once the Olympic Stadium move is confirmed again. The move will happen and all this process ensures is a water-tight decision that can’t be legally challenged.

They are hardly going to award it to other potential bidders such as Leyton Orient or Formula One so the potential for massive income and investment is there. Along with last year’s parachute payments the promotion kitty and season ticket renewals, sales, TV revenue, wage cutting and transfers out you’ll see we are not as broke as they would have us believe. Why not go all out and get Tevez or someone similar instead of trying for Carroll or cheaply trying to get Tevez on a six month loan deal.

I’m sure if we pay enough wages and the acceptable transfer fee plus sell our vision the same way Manchester City did, we will get our man. But overall, I do believe G and S
have been a massive asset to our club and are trying hard to support Big Fat Sam without interfering.

They have spent well during past transfer windows and have the best interests of the club at heart. But I don’t think they’re losing money. It’s more of a case of not making as much as a debt-free club would. I’m also quite worried about the lack of activity in terms of signing full backs for the club and the fact out of 213 players we have been linked with this window about five of them were fullbacks and can’t see that changing. This worryingly shows me just how much faith Sam Allardyce has in O’Brien and McCartney.

Something I fail to agree with and I’m sure that both will get skinned. Well that’ll make the whole backline suspect and I think that’s just what it is. But there are reasons to be optimistic. Let me end on a high note, we are back in the Premiership and signing players.

We are also moving in the right direction as a club and I can see the intentions of the board are good along with clean legal moves they operate the club with respect and a willingness to achieve success. Plus there is still a while for the window to end and I might look back at this post and say they made me eat my words. On this rare occasion I hope they do.

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