Claret & Hugh: ‘Declan Rice can live up to the hype and go onto greatness with West Ham’

Rice could be the new Duncan Edwards - a player who was hailed as the best ever before his sad death in the Munich Air disaster at the age of 21.

This has been the season of key moments all adding up to demonstrate why so many of us love following this great club of ours. Quite frankly, there’s never ever a dull moment with a mix of good and bad demonstrating what we have always been about although we dare to dream things are changing.

Just look at what’s happened so far in the half a season and just before:

  • Wild celebrations as top boss Manuel Pellegrini is appointed
  • Agonies as we lose the first four games of the season
  • Owners of the London Stadium becoming as difficult as it gets
  • Owners of the London Stadium pull out of court hearing to sort difference and the Irons get more than they could have ever hoped for.
  • Declan Rice saga drags on and on with huge fears he’s on his way
  • Declan Rice signs a six year contract
  • Marko Arnautovic and his eerie brother in China stuff
  • Marko Arnautovic signs a new deal at West Ham
  • Hammers beat Arsenal before slumping to three awful defeats amid new fears the wheels are finally falling off completely
  • Hammers gain a winning draw (if you get me) against Klopp’s mob after being victims of an offside goal and some dreadful decisions.

There’s probably more but keeping up and remembering can be a tough call because after all ‘this is West Ham and there’s forever something on the go! It’s always been the same at our place going way back to the sixties but the bubbles keep flying despite that line – ‘fortune always hiding’.

So, which of all the above have been the key moment in a season which has brought such joy and agony at different times. For me it was Declan’s decision to stay at the club because this is perhaps the greatest young footballer I have seen since Mooro and I’m gonna go a bit further. He may, just may, giving his astonishing progress since being hauled off at Anfield in the first game of the season, become even better!

Sacrilege? If you want but having seen them both at much the same age, I don’t think so and I’m pretty sure Bob would be saying the same when judging him in a level of football which has sped up 100 per cent or more.

Phil Parkes once mentioned when we were discussing him way back that he could be the new Duncan Edwards – a player who was hailed as the best ever before his sad death in the Munich Air disaster at the age of 21. There seems little doubt Dec will become Hammer of the Year and no doubt there will be many who believe I have put too much pressure on him but I don’t believe Declan takes pressure too seriously given his performances.

I still believe every word of what is written here despite that – the young man is a phenomenon! End of. How great it would be were he to declare his international future to England and then become the man who followed Mooro as another claret and blue Three Lions skipper. Moore than possible.

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