Pub talk: Which players do you think will be on their way this summer? Farewell Andy Carroll?

The Blowing Bubbles team settle down to put the world to rights...

Have you ever been to a West Ham Women’s game? If not, would you consider going in the future?

Greg Richardson: I have never been to one but I can see a point where i would. My daughter is four and getting into football so it would be great for her to see some women’s football.

Meirion Williams: I’ve never been to a West Ham Women’s game but I must admit I’ve suddenly become a glory hunter and hope to take in a few in the future. The cup run can only be good for the club and with ticket prices being affordable I can see it getting bigger.

David Meagher: I haven’t been to a women’s game but would love to see a fellow Irish Hammer in Leanne Kiernan playing in the claret and blue. Speaking of Irish habits, pretty much all gaelic sports matches are preceded by under 18 games – maybe the women’s game could kick off at 12.45 on match days and we could see both in one visit?

Lucy Woolford: That’s a great idea David to have games preceding a three o’clock kick off. It’s a great way to get people to start going. I haven’t been but I definitely would. Women’s football is going from strength-to-strength.

Brian Penn: I would definitely go to a game in future but our women’s team playing at Rush Green doesn’t help with general visibility. The odd game at the London Stadium would be a massive boost to the team’s profile.

What did you make of Declan Rice’s performances for England?

GR: I thought he was quality and did exactly what he’s been doing for us. Often he was the only midfielder back and coped very well. Other fans will always dig out players like Rice as they dont do anything eye catching but professionals recognise he plays the role brilliantly.

MW: It’s such an unsung role being the defensive midfielder but I thought that he was excellent. It will be interesting to see how he will cope with better opposition though.

DM: I think Rice is like Roy Keane in style, apart from the changing allegiance thing – although Roy did refuse to play for Ireland for years after Saipan. He is full of energy and has amazing timing and a rare ability to read the game.

LW: The criticism of Rice was unjust and I suspect it came mostly from those who were always going to judge him harshly before he even kicked a ball. I was proud of his confidence in slotting in to the team.

BP: I think Declan Rice played solidly and did his job – a very good start to his England career.

With it looking increasingly likely that Andy Carroll’s contract won’t be renewed this summer, what are your memories of his time in the claret and blue?

GR: Flattening keepers, some vital goals in our first season back in the Premier League and of course that goal versus Palace. He has always given his all for us, often at the detriment of his body, and has been unplayable at times.

MW: Sadly it will be all about the big wage and the time he spent keeping our physio busy. I will also never forgive him for complaining that fans were leaving early when often he couldn’t even be bothered to attend games.

DM: Tremendous and unique talent but he just cannot maintain fitness. We will always have the twinkle toes goal against Swansea in 2015. He is always helpful in defence too.

LW: On a positive note, I’ll always remember feeling good about him coming on when the team was having a hard time in front of goal. His ability to hassle defenders and head in a winner was invaluable at times.

BP: When he was fit and his head was in the right place, Andy Carroll could unsettle defenders by his very presence. A good old fashioned battering ram of a centre forward.

Which players do you think will be on their way this summer? Do we need another overhaul or minor tweaks to our squad?

GR: I think we could see a lot of players leave. Carroll, Perez, Arnie and Hernandez could all be looking to leave. So whilst minor tweaks are probably preferable I think an overhaul is likely.

MW: It’s probably easier to list who will be staying. I worry that we may end up losing all our forwards and we all know what Sullivan’s track record is like when purchasing a goal scorer!

DM: Pellegrini demonstrated ruthlessness last year when he brought in nine players. I think we can expect even more change this year as he will have had longer to get prepared. Adrian, Masuaku, Obiang, Perez will all certainly go along with Carroll, Antonio, Hernandez, and Arnie. The arrivals will be very exciting as Pelle knows and demands quality.

LW: I actually don’t think we need a massive overhaul because we show so often that we are capable of being a really good side, but I think we should be prepared for some big changes if the budget allows.

BP: I think someone will come in for Anderson. If we’re offered something silly like £60 million, it might be too good to refuse. Pellegrini’s little black book seems to function pretty well, so there will be lots of movement, both in and out.

Former Hammer Matt Taylor has announced he will retire at the end of the season, having made more than 650 league appearances during his career. Did you rate him during his time at West Ham?

GR: I loved Matty. I think he was largely underrated over his career. He had a lovely left foot and scored some absolute screamers. He did a really good job for us and was obviously part of the squad that got us out of the Championship when he could have still been in the Premier League, and then helped keep us up.

MW: Matty gave his all but sadly my one abiding memory of him was when he was sent off under the lights at the Boleyn against Southampton for a rash challenge – and we all know how West Ham perform when down to 10 men!

DM: He was a decent player who added craft to a pretty workmanlike Allardyce team. Top moment was that pass for our crucial play off goal against Blackpool.

LW: I always liked Matt at any club, I was really happy when we signed him. He always put in a good shift and was fairly reliable. I agree with Greg, his left foot was deadly. I genuinely wish him all the best for the future.

BP: Matt Taylor is the definition of ‘unsung hero’ and was a grafter, a word you can’t always apply to modern Premier League footballers.

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