George Parris: ‘In a results business the only thing that matters is where you end up’

This season would not be a success if we don't finish in the top half

Looking back on the season as a whole and we have had some good spells during this campaign.

It’s just been consistency that has let us down. There have been times where we think we are on the way up, only to then two or three games against lesser sides in a short period of time and then having the feeling we’re going backwards.

For some of our games, I feel like if we were still playing them now, we’d still not score, and there were other games, looking back, that if we’d turned a defeat into a draw or draw into a win, we could’ve finished seventh.

What’s disappointed me this season is the games where we simply haven’t turned up – we’ve just been lucky the results have not been as bad as they could have been – Everton and Cardiff are two good examples of this.

For me, it depends on where we finish in the table that will determine if we’ve had a good season or not.

From where we are now, we should be pushing for top half but it looks increasingly unlikely we’ll get that. My concern is actually being caught by the teams behind us and finishing 15th – that would be a disaster.

We really do need to be more consistent next season. This summer is going to be key.

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