George Parris: ‘Irons showed promise but it could have been much better’

Robert Snodgrass

I think the history books will say this was a promising season but that it could have been better.

Last month I doubted that we could pull together a string of performances and results to get in the top half and I feared we could be pulled down the table, but we kicked on and secured 10th. Our season could have been judged differently had we been up in seventh for most of the season and then our form towards the end of the campaign saw us drop to 10th.

But we’ve been in around 10th place for most of the season – it was just the finish to the campaign that has excited me. I think if someone had ffered us 10th at the start of the season, we would have taken it – we’d certainly have taken it after our first few games!

The season highlight for me was the victory away at Spurs. It was a brilliant performance and it was their first defeat at their new stadium. We will always have that over Tottenham.

My biggest disappointment of the season was Cardiff away. They were relegated but they trounced us on that day.

I enjoyed the Premier League season overall but the top two were so far ahead this year. I don’t think that will ever happen again.

It’s time for quick deals

My expectations for next season are to build on what we did the previous year. It would be good to see two or three new signings this summer hitting the ground early. Three or four might have to go to clear the debt for those coming in.

I also hope this summer offers more opportunity for younger players to stake a place in the squad. For the players at the club today, especially the new signings from last summer, if they can perform to the same level as they did towards the end of the season, all will be good.

Players in the current squad will be aware of what’s expected of them and if the new signings can be bedded in early then hopefully they can hit the ground running.

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