Football uniting us one club at a time

English football has touched the hearts of millions the world over. But some fans are more unsuspecting that others. People used to support their team based on who their family supported or where they were born — but with the internet, and the world becoming smaller everyday — it seems football knows no borders.

Journalists from Betway this month spent time in Shanghai to uncover how fans overseas felt about West Ham. Do they live and breathe the game like the match fans back home? Using beautiful shots of various scenes from China — they interview Pan — a West Ham fan from 2005. He found West Ham on football manager and has an undying love for Bobby Moore.

Every season he would avidly follow the Hammers on the television. Mark Noble, who Pan calls a great player and a great leader gives him a warm hello at his home in Shanghai. After their reception Pan and some friends take a trip to London to watch their beloved team play. In a moving scene Betway interview local die-hard fans about how they feel about their new supporters.

West Ham fans have a tough image — at least they did. This short shows the compassionate and welcoming side to some of the most die-hard fans in the world.

A true football fan supports his team through times. Some fans can’t afford flights and to come down to the game. That doesn’t stop them from being true football fans.

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