Hammers dodge Rooney shaped bullet as the Rams raid America

The former England international would not have offered West Ham anything

It was a stranger than normal transfer window for us Hammers

Usually in amongst the normal purchases, there is always a name that stands out of a player that is well known, has either an injury record or previous disciplinary issues that our board can’t resist taking a punt upon.

Just recently that has been Alvaro Arbeloa, Patrice Evra and Samir Nasri, all of which didn’t quite work out, well that’s a bit of an understatement as all three hardly played and disappeared almost immediately after the season came to a close.

There was, however, this year one name that was bandied around, in certain quarters, that was looking for a Premier League club and that player was none other than a certain Wayne Rooney.

In fact ex-Welsh international Dean Saunders was quoted as stating that the ex-England international would walk into the West Ham team and that we would all greet him with open arms.

But I – as I’m sure many would agree – felt Dean Saunders was being slightly deluded on his take on Mr Rooney.

So let’s look at the facts. Wayne Rooney is still only 33 and has been scoring goals of late for fun.

The only problem is that those goals were in the MLS for Washington, not exactly major league football in world terms.

The season before that he scored a goal every third game for Everton, which is not horrendous considering the recent goal tally from our group of forwards.

But the question has to be asked why would he be coming back to England?

He has, of course, signed for Derby in the Championship where he has been offered both a player and coaching deal, that is clearly something that proved tempting to him.

I could never see him being a coach at West Ham and for a player in the twilight of his career, why would we break the bank for his salary demands when there are better options out there?

We have been bitten too many times by players wanting to make a quick buck before they hang up their boots.

There is also the fact that he has lost all that blistering pace he once had. Yes, he still has a great footballing brain but Rooney, in my eyes, is no Teddy Sherringham.

There is also the issue of additional baggage.The fact remains that the newspapers love a story and Rooney has filled many column inches over the years.

Whether the stories are true or not, the question has to be asked, do we really want someone as part of our team who will provide the tabloids with non-football story after story? Let’s not forget that he would be playing in London where everything is under the microscope.

Then it comes to Rooney’s love of West Ham. Let’s be honest, he has had some of his best days playing against the Hammers.

I still can’t forgive him for “that” goal when playing for Manchester United which saw him score from the half way line a few years ago.

He’s Everton through and through and after that it’s Manchester United. He has no connection with West Ham nor would I actually want him to have.

I was one of the few who would love to have seen David Beckham play for the Hammers just because he was a local boy made good but as for Rooney, he’s not for me.

There is also the question of the whole dynamics of our team. The start to the season has not been great, but it’s the West Ham Way to start slow in August.

We now have a young hungry team. Saunders states that Rooney would be a better option than our big money buys, and while he never referred to a particular player, I know if it was a choice between Sebastian Haller and Wayne Rooney there is simply no contest.

Haller is young and a real physical presence and has already proven himself in the German League.

It may take time for him to adjust but I believe he will be a great signing for us. Haller will hopefully be here for quite a few years, Rooney would simply be a stop gap and an expensive one at that.

The fact remains that even if he was 10 years younger I wouldn’t take Wayne Rooney.

He just doesn’t look like a West Ham player. I was never a fan of his and must admit I was slightly astounded when he was given the England captaincy.

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