Phil Parkes: The 20-goal striker is a mythical beast but Haller will make a huge difference

He is strong and he reminds me of David Cross

Fans and pundits have been raving about Sebastien Haller and it’s not hard to see why judging by his performances at the start of this season.

Every report I’ve seen and everyone I’ve spoken to about him make him sound like the complete centre forward who is good at everything.

I saw the Watford highlights and you can see he is strong and he reminds me of David Cross and how he used to play.

Haller looks like he can take whatever the centre backs throw at him and dish out the hard stuff too.

He will be heavily marked as we go through the season but he will accept that and make sure he gets stuck in.

He is a great asset to our side. He’s an all rounder. It’ll be great if he can get into double figures this season.

There’s talk of him being a 20-goal-a-season striker but I think in today’s game with the exception of City and Liverpool it’s rare that you’ll get that. These strikers are like mythical beasts. Like little pots of gold at the end of rainbow – everyone wants one.

You only hope – or certainly I do – that he doesn’t do too well. Of course I want him to do well for West Ham but I don’t want the big boys with big budgets and European football start sniffing around him and potentially unsettle him.

If he starts to get a few more goals to match his impressive link up play then he’ll start to be linked with everybody.

It’s always a Catch 22 situation for West Ham when you get a really good player and then other teams come in for them and queue up to sign them.

But the good thing for West Ham at the minute is that we are not in a position where we have to sell. We are no longer a selling club and we can keep players now.

Sure the likes of Man Utd, City and Liverpool can come in with silly offers but we don’t have to seriously consider them like we used to.

It’s a brilliant turn around for us in the last few years where we now look to make our squad and starting XI stronger rather than having to sell players.

After the Man United game and with us sitting in fourth briefly, I thought to myself what a change 12 months makes.

Just look back at how many points we had at a similar time to last year and how many we had after the United game.

I really hope this is a season where fans can enjoy it and not worry about looking over their shoulder and fear being dragged into the relegation battle and instead see how high up this West Ham team can finish.

When you look at the likes of Everton, Chelsea and Man United – teams who have year in, year out finished above us, and now look at the squad we’ve got compared to theirs, there is no reason why we can’t finish above all three this season and a lot of that has to be credited to Pellegrini and how he has gone about his business.

Looking ahead to the next few weeks, if we can continue our good form, remain unbeaten and pick up some wins along the way, we can really start to look forward to what this season could bring.

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